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Kanye West Defends ‘Enemy of America’ Trump Fans to David Letterman

Nick Marinoff
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:43 PM

By CCN.com: Trying to recapture his former “Late Show” fame, David Letterman now serves as the interviewer and host of a Netflix program entitled “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” currently in its second season. Marking off the first interview  of that season is controversial and outspoken musician Kanye West, who is widely known for his support of President Donald Trump.

In an industry largely dominated by left-wing politics, West has the guts to examine  America’s current political spectrum with an open mind and say what he truly feels. West asks Letterman if he’d ever been “beat up” in high school for “wearing the wrong hat.” Many conservatives have been attacked for wearing this hat . It’s a scary thought that you can step out of your home these days and be jumped just for wearing red headgear.

Letterman asks Kanye if supporting Trump doesn’t “indirectly” hurt people “who are already being hurt.” Gee, Letterman… Do you think having relations with half your staff members and putting their careers in jeopardy could have been hurting them? Either way, Kanye is quick to respond that the only ones being hurt right now are Trump supporters, who are often treated like “enemies of America.”

David Letterman Is a “Goon” Attacking Another Goon

It didn’t take long for Trump to become the main subject of conversation during the interview. Letterman has never been a fan of President Trump and recently referred to  the commander-in-chief as a “goon.” This is funny coming from a man whose longtime affairs with staff members on the “Late Show” placed him at the center of an extortion case in 2009 . It was a case that required him to apologize to both his wife and staff on national television and prompted ongoing questions regarding sexual harassment in the industry. That sounds like a goon.

And let’s face it – his giant beard and the brown cowboy boots that he wears prominently during the interview make him look more like an outlaw from the old West than a talk show host. Is Letterman suddenly supposed to be taken seriously as a journalist? If so, that’s the funniest joke of his over-hyped (and overlong) career.

It’s Kanye that brings up President Trump during the conversation, not Letterman. West has freely admitted to not voting  for Trump. In fact, he took no stance during the 2016 election, and his admiration of Trump emerged later down the line. Letterman takes a stab at this little factoid during the interview, commenting that Kanye “has no say” in the matter, garnering cheers and applause from a more-than-likely leftist audience.

But are those cheers really called for? Is a person’s opinion of someone or something not allowed to change? So, Kanye wasn’t a die-hard fan of Trump during the election. He sure is now. Is there something in our Constitution that says this is not allowed? Is there some sort of rule that prevents a person from changing their minds or forming an opinion on something in the future?


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Either way, Letterman’s jab at Kanye for not voting is weak and unwarranted. Kanye has consistently explained that while he’s a great admirer of the president, his support of Trump comes more from the goal of giving people power when they would have otherwise felt the need to stay silent. Kanye comments during the interview that liberals frequently attack conservatives and “bully” Trump supporters.