Kanye West & Travis Scott’s New Single Isn’t Bad for Two Gold Diggers

Kanye West just released a new song with Travis Scott. Both rappers are now dating billionaires, and the money has gotten to at least one of them.

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  • Kanye West & Travis Scott just dropped a new single “Wash Us in the Blood.”
  • The two rappers could someday be known for partnering with two female billionaires.
  • Kanye’s song is in direct conflict with his support of Donald Trump, but he has yet to officially cut ties with the president.

Kanye West is rediscovering his voice at just the right time.

His new single with Travis Scott, “Wash Us in the Blood,” was released today. The beat pulses with urgency, and the social commentary resonates in these tumultuous times.

Overall, it’s not bad for a Trump supporter and two rappers who could be living off of their lovers.

Travis Scott & Kanye Are About to be Digging for Gold

One of Kanye West’s biggest hits is a song called “Gold Digger.” It’s about women who seek out seek out men for their money. The tables could be turning, as his wife, Kim Kardashian, allegedly just became a billionaire.

He took to Twitter to congratulate her:

Against all logic, Kim Kardashian becomes a billionaire. | Source: Twitter

Of course, Kanye has been a billionaire for a while now. But Kim’s stock is rapidly rising, and she could soon overtake her hubby.

Travis Scott, meanwhile, fits the true definition of a gold digger. He’s not struggling for money, but he’s definitely dating up.

According to Forbes, the mumble rapper is worth almost $40 million. His girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, is worth roughly 25 times that.

Kylie was reportedly the “youngest self-made billionaire ever.” Many have disputed the “self-made” part of that title. And Forbes even rescinded the billionaire part, claiming she’s worth just under $900 million. But let’s not split hairs—she’s still loaded.

It’d be nice if these women took the current social uprising as seriously as their ‘brands.’ But then again, it’s still not even clear where Kanye West stands anymore.

Is Kanye West a Terrible Trump Supporter, or a Lying BLM Supporter? 

Kanye West took a break from his Trump-pumping antics to get serious about inequality. While I don’t believe Trump has ever said the words “Black lives matter” out loud, Kanye just made a video showcasing the movement.

“Wash Us in the Blood” starts with a viral clip of a cop abusing protesters. He proceeds to list off the struggles of being Black in America:

Genocide what it does (Huh)
Slavery what it does (Ooh)
Rain down on us (Ah)
Whole life sellin’ drugs (Huh)

While he does touch on these topics of inequality and oppression, he curiously doesn’t seem to express his opinion about it. Unless “what it does” represents an actual take.

He has been vocal about slavery, saying it was a “choice” in 2018. And he has been a MAGA supporter ever since Trump was elected.

New reports imply that Kanye West ‘supported’ Donald Trump as a ruse to free people from jail.

Where does Kanye West really stand? | Source: Twitter

While that would be an incredible twist, Kanye still hasn’t stated his actual position. Until he does. his efforts are futile.

He might free a few people from jail, but his influence could sway far more people to consider a Donald Trump vote in November. And we know Trump’s position on minorities.

As late as April of this year, Kanye implied that he’ll still be voting for Trump in 2020. I suppose it’d be hard to expect anything different from a two-billionaire household.

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