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K-Pop Twitter Flames YouTube’s h3h3 for Calling Fans ‘Gay’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • K-pop Twitter flamed Ethan Klein of popular YouTube channel, h3h3, for roasting the global music sensation’s fans.
  • Klein called fans “gay” and their love for K-pop a “fetish.” They say his rant was “homophobic” and “racist” on #h3h3isoverparty.
  • Hours later, YouTuber Keemstar got #BanKpopAccounts trending with over 84,000 tweets. Is YouTube going to war with K-pop Twitter?

Over the weekend, one of YouTube’s most popular channels, h3h3, took a swipe at K-pop fans. The channel, run by husband-wife duo, Ethan and Hila Klein, is notorious for controversial statements and shocking humor.

Here’s an excerpt of Ethan’s offending remarks Saturday:

I don’t like K-pop, I hate K-pop, I don’t get BTS. They look like they’re just a bunch of – how did this become a thing in Western culture where all these grown men and little girls are jerking off to little K-pop boys? It’s like a little fetish. A little twink gay fetish about these K-pop boys.


K-Pop Twitter Throws #h3h3isoverparty

The K-pop stan “everglow” brightened to nova levels Sunday night. The fan army piled the #h3h3isoverparty hashtag sky high with stern rebukes to Ethan’s remarks:

k-pop twitter bts fan fires back at h3h3
Source: Twitter 

The “K-pop fans are hardworking, successful people” theme was prevalent.

k-pop twitter fans are winners
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Some of the offended fans dug up more politically incorrect statements from the h3 podcast and posted them.

Then h3h3 stans responded with an #h3h3isnotoverparty hashtag.

And Ethan Klein himself gave back as good as he got to his critics on Twitter. He called out K-pop fans for cyberbullying their own idols, leading to two K-pop stars’ suicides in October and November .


Fellow YouTube troll, Joey Salads (who is currently running for US Congress in NY-11), hyped Klein’s brutal reaction as “Savage.”

Keemstar Joins h3h3 Attack on K-Pop

The backlash against K-pop stans seems to be the result of burnout over the devoted fan base’s obnoxiously relentless, borderline spammy presence on social media.

This summer, Mashable did a feature article covering the K-pop fancam spam problem on Twitter . The genre’s rabid groupies frequently interrupt completely unrelated threads with fan videos of K-pop bands.

Keemstar, h3h3’s longtime frenemy who rose to fame with his YouTube DramaAlert channel, hit back hard at Korean pop fandom Sunday night.

Keemstar announced :

Flagged 4345 Kpop accounts for spam.

Only 2.7 mill more to go. #BanKpopAccounts

He promised to spend the next 12 hours sipping coffee and flagging K-pop accounts all night. That made the Korean pop fans even angrier. #BanKpopAccounts had 84,000 tweets and counting by midday Monday.

One K-pop fan pointed out that’s never going to happen. Why? Because Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is one of them.

Another Twitter user had an apt description for the clash of stans:

bankpopaccounts versus k-pop twitter's h3h3isoverparty
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Not all YouTubers are on h3h3’s side. Swedish tuber PewDiePie crashed the #h3h3isoverparty to tweet:


Although with PewDiePie, we can’t be sure it isn’t a parody.