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Justin Bieber Wants to Make Crocs Cool – but Mario Batali Already Did

Published October 7, 2020 5:41 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Published October 7, 2020 5:41 PM
  • Justin Bieber has been trying to make Crocs cool again.
  • These fashionable attempts have earned him both snark and ire.
  • And there’s a good reason for that: Mario Batali made Crocs cool a long time ago.

Justin Bieber is trying to make Crocs great again.

The pop star is often seen sporting the snarked-upon footwear — he’s worn them to bike dates  with both of his famous girlfriends — and now, he’s making his love of Crocs “officially official” with a collaboration, set to drop on October 13th.

While he’s earning some ire for the upcoming collaboration, he’s also a bit late to the party considering Mario Batali made the Crocs a fashion staple first.

Justin Bieber Has Been Wearing Crocs For A While

Even before this latest collaboration with Crocs was announced, Justin Bieber has been rocking the footwear with little care whether they’re “cool” or not.

As part of the brand’s “Come As You Are” campaign — which emphasizes comfort over everything else — Bieber’s collaboration will drop on October 13th, as part of its “Croctober” celebration. In a press release, Bieber said that the decision to partner with the company  was easy.

As an artist, it’s important that my creations stay true to myself and my style. I wear Crocs all the time, so designing my own pair came naturally. With these Crocs, I just focused on making something cool that I want to wear.

While Justin Bieber may be one of the biggest superstars the brand has collaborated with, he’s far from the first star that made Crocs fashion their own.

Justin Bieber
Well, they’re not THAT bad. | Source: Twitter 

In 2013, celebrity chef Mario Batali popularized Crocs when he would be seen sporting a bright-orange pair in nearly every television show and public appearance he did at the height of his fame. In other words, Batali “came as he was” before it was cool to do so .

Mario Batali
Did this man inspire Justin Bieber? | Source: Twitter 

Somebody’s Buying These Things

You can hate on Crocs all you want  — but someone somewhere is out buying these things. According to MarketWatch , as of this writing, Crocs stocks are selling for about $46 a share, and in 2019, Crocs had $1.23 billion in revenue.

More details about how the shoe became a billion-dollar brand can be seen in the video below.

So at least some of you snarking on the trending are lying through your teeth — or your feet, as it were.

Justin Bieber is not anyone’s definition of a fashionista — and you can’t claim that he’s going to make Crocs cool again because they already are cool.

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