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Justin Bieber’s Hair Remains the Most Exciting Thing About Him

Justin Bieber is trending for his latest hairstyle, and it once again overshadows his actual music. I wonder why that is?

  • Justin Bieber’s new single, Holy, drops on Friday.
  • Justin is trending for his new haircut.
  • His appearance has repeatedly stolen the spotlight from the content he is putting out.

Justin Bieber is back in the news, but once again, not for his music. Today Justin went viral for having slightly longer surf-style locks that drift slightly forward as if guiding the way for the pop superstar.

He also has a new single coming out on Friday, but that wasn’t immediately apparent.

It’s a trend we’ve seen before in both Justin Bieber and celebrity in general, where their image takes precedent over their art.

Justin Bieber & His Body of Work

Do you remember when Justin Bieber’s hit song ‘Baby’ came out? I don’t. But I definitely remember the iconic reimagined bowl cut that I’m sure sparked a thousand kids to look horrible.

The look all moms have in their head when they place the salad bowl over yours | Source: Instagram

I also remember a tight-sided top coif, a regrettable blond cornrow fiasco, and a thin mustached bleach phase. The ‘hit’ songs, however, slip my mind.

Justin’s new single: a mustache | Source: Twitter

Justin changes his look the way a frightened chameleon might change its skin. Shifting your image has always been linked with the pop genre, from David Bowie’s iconic thunderbolt face paint to Michael Jackson’s bandleader get up. Justin Bieber has the looks, but they often bury the jams. He’s like Prince if Prince didn’t write music.

The Beliebers Have Spoken

The fans of Justin’s music are indicative of a problem in modern pop. They are going ‘wild’ over his looks, but his upcoming single is nowhere to be seen.

Justin dropping new hairstyle this Friday | Source: Twitter
Justin’s hair was in a music video! | Source: Twitter

It’s common practice to promote image over substance. I could point out Adam Levine’s tattoos in a police lineup, and I’ll have nightmares about Billie Eilish and her big pants for the rest of my life.

However, it seems in Justin’s case, the art has been totally drowned out.

Justin Bieber’s Musical Eclipse

Some musicians make it big because their art makes them feel something. Some musicians are just interesting to look at. With his latest look, Beiber has proved he is the later.

When you look at his body of work, it’s mostly just a body of hair. Sometimes it’s a tone-deaf misstep.

Maybe his next album he’ll embrace what he is, drop a beat, and let his follicles do the singing.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:31 PM

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