Josh Wise and the Dogecar finish 15th in NASCAR All-Star race
The Dogecar
Josh Wise and the Dogecar finish 15th in NASCAR All-Star race
The Dogecar

Despite struggling to find sponsorship most weeks, Josh Wise found himself thrust into NASCAR’s most exclusive event–the Sprint Cup All-Star race. Though his competitors possessed superior equipment, Wise made the most of what he had and turned in a respectable finish, beating out several of NASCAR’s all-time greats.


 Josh Wise Finishes 15th in NASCAR All-Star Race

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]fter overcoming almost insurmountable odds, the Dogecoin community voted Josh Wise and the Dogecar into the NASCAR All-Star Race, where he placed 15th. During the qualifying round before the race, Wise was several miles per hour off the pace set by leader Carl Edwards. He qualified 19th, ahead of David Ragan and Denny Hamlin, as well as Ryan Newman, one of the top qualifiers in NASCAR history.

During the race, Wise struggled to keep up with the leaders. For almost the entire race, it seemed like he was playing it safe, hanging toward the back of the pack and avoiding dangerous situations. This is certainly an understandable strategy, because while the major drivers can afford to risk wrecking their car in pursuit of the $1 million payday, a driver for a smaller organization such as Wise must be much more careful with his car.

For the most part, this strategy yielded positive results for Wise and the Phil Parson Racing crew. While favorites such as Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, and Joey Logano fell victim to crashes and car trouble, Wise was able to avoid the collisions and inch his way up the leaderboard. By the end of the race, Wise had crawled up to 15th place. Though he was the last among the cars still in the

NASCAR All-Star Race
The All-Star race features a unique format.

race, his cautious strategy helped him finish ahead of drivers who bet on a riskier strategy–and lost.

Wise’s payday will be much less than the $1 million garnered by All-Star champion Jamie McMurray, but it will still be sizable for an underdog who few would have guessed could ever win the All-Star fan vote.  As homage to the generosity of the community that sponsored his car at Talledega and voted him into the All-Star race at Charlotte, Wise promised to donate 10% of his winnings to a charity of the Dogecoin community’s choosing.

All-Star Race Format

The All-Star race featured a different format from ordinary NASCAR races. At 90 laps, the 135-mile race was much shorter than other NASCAR events. The race was divided into four 20-lap segments followed by a 10-lap free-for-all, known as the “Dash for the Cash.” After the fourth segment, the cars were reordered based on their average finish in the first four segments. Drivers were also obligated to make a mandatory pitstop and change all four tires.