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Jordyn Woods Stays Winning — And The Glow-Up Is Amazing

After all she endured at the hands of Khloe "Khlogre" Kardashian, watching Jordyn Woods win with her new boyfriend is just divine.

  • It’s Jordyn Woods’ birthday today!
  • She celebrated with her new boyfriend, a handsome basketball player, who bought her several expensive purses as a gift.
  • To see Woods glow up after suffering so much at the hands of Khloe “Khlogre” Kardashian is amazing.

Happy birthday, Jordyn Woods!

The model and influencer celebrated her 23rd birthday with lavish gifts from her new boo thing, Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns.

After seeing her suffer at the hands of Khloe “Khlogre” Kardashian, this glow-up is terrific indeed.

Jordyn Woods Deserves To Be Spoiled

Even though she previously referred to Towns as someone who was “like a brother to her,” it appears that Jordyn Woods and the Timber-hottie are a lot more than just friends.

For her 23rd birthday, Towns bought her not one, but two, Birkin bags (which run for several thousand dollars each), a Chanel bag (another investment of several thousand dollars), and an autographed Michael Jordan jersey (priceless).

He made sure to share it with the world as he wished the “queen” happy birthday with many happy returns.

People are happy that Jordyn Woods is happy. | Source: Twitter

Given all the garbage that Khloe “Khlogre” Kardashian put her through, Jordyn Woods is long overdue for this level of love.

Khloe Kardashian Treated Her Cruelly

Let’s remember how, and why, we met Jordyn Woods in the first place: because she was Kylie Jenner’s former best friend who got wrongly accused of being a “homewrecker” by Khloe Kardashian.

Woods would later clarify that she and Tristan Thompson did not have an affair — but that he was nothing short of a cheater. She explained this to Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of “Red Table Talk,” which you can see below.

And we all knew that anyway. Check your man, Khloe!

Even though it would later come out that Khlogre and her cheating baby daddy did all this drama for ratings, she frequently went on the attack when it came to Woods, even going so far as to accuse her of “breaking up her family” before finally laying off of her.

So after all the bullying and false accusations, it’s good to see Queen Jordyn Woods get all the nice things. Because all Khloe Kardashian has is a cheating baby daddy and a canceled reality show…as she deserves.

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