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Game of Thrones? Bitcoin Bro John McAfee Schemes to Rule US & UK

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:39 PM
Samantha Chang
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:39 PM

Bitcoin millionaire John McAfee has a bold, ambitious vision: To rule over both the United States and the United Kingdom as their president and prime minister, respectively.

McAfee outlined his audacious aspirations on Twitter, where he alleged that he qualifies to be both — simultaneously — because he’s a U.S. citizen born on U.S. soil and a British citizen born in England.

“I am one of the few people still alive who could qualify for the combined position.”

Game of Thrones: McAfee is both a US and UK citizen

McAfee explained that he was born in England on an American Army base to an American dad and a British mom. The rare confluence of events makes McAfee both a U.S. and British citizen.

Moreover, McAfee pointed out  that there are no laws in either country “explicitly stating that the country’s leader cannot also be the leader of another country.” So why shouldn’t he do it?

John McAfee is a fugitive for tax evasion

Of course, in order for McAfee to win the U.S. presidency, he’d have to attend the presidential debates. But that’s unlikely, since he’s a fugitive from the law for tax evasion.

As CCN.com reported, McAfee confessed in June that he hasn’t filed a U.S. tax return in eight years. What’s more, McAfee has repeatedly trashed the U.S. government, claiming federal agents are pursuing him.

Specifically, McAfee says the Department of Justice is compiling a bogus case against him for money-laundering and racketeering. In response, the software mogul threw down the gauntlet on Twitter, where he warned the feds to leave him alone or he will “f***ing bury them.”

bitcoin evangelist john mcafee vladimir putin
Separated at birth? Bitcoin millionaire John McAfee and Russian president Vladimir Putin are fans of shirtless selfies. | Source: Twitter/YouTube Screenshot

McAfee spent four days in jail this week

This has been a roller-coaster week for McAfee, who spent four days in a Dominican Republican jail for gun possession.

Authorities discovered McAfee’s vast gun stash while his yacht (which is his home) was docked in Puerto Plata, the NY Post  reported.

McAfee has since tweeted a number of photos chronicling his jail stint. Despite the inconvenience of his detention, McAfee was in good spirits and proudly showed off his shirtless prison portrait.

John McAfee’s net worth once topped $100 million

McAfee says he’s in London tonight (July 26), so he’s happy to meet up with crypto enthusiasts who want to discuss his run for UK prime minister.

McAfee is an enigmatic fixture of the crypto ecosystem. The cybersecurity pioneer rose to fame for creating the McAfee anti-virus software program.

At the peak of his wealth, McAfee’s net worth topped $100 million. After the 2008 US financial crisis, McAfee claimed he lost most of his fortune.

McAfee: ‘Free yourselves, people!’

Despite claiming that he’s running for US president, McAfee admits that he has no solutions to the nagging problems roiling the United States. Moreover, he says all the other politicians are clueless too.

“Do not ask me about immigration, foreign relations, education etc. I have no idea. Those claiming that they do are lying to themselves. Or if not, they are purposely lying to you.”

John McAfee says the goal of his presidential campaign is to spotlight the ingenuity of bitcoin and to urge people to free themselves from the oppressive yoke of government control.  “Freedom for The People is my only goal,” he said.