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John McAfee Trolls Winklevii on Bitcoin, Says Cameron Is ‘True Power’

By CCN.com: You might think that Tyler Winklevoss has gotten ahead of himself by predicting the bitcoin price could cross $15,000 if it surpasses the $10,000 level. That is unless your name is John McAfee, in which case that forecast is absurdly low.

McAfee is doubling down on his bullish price prediction, saying that BTC $100,000 will open the floodgates for the cryptocurrency to power higher to $1 million. Unfortunately for the Winklevii, that wasn’t the end of the trolling.

McAfee Names Cameron Winklevoss as the ‘True Power’

McAfee took it a step further by tweeting an image of “Bitcoin Billionaires” with a personal message from the twins to the “living legend.” The cybersecurity expert pointed out that Tyler has more Twitter followers than his brother but Cameron’s handle (@winklevoss) gives him more power. Tyler had a good sense of humor about it.

There is no question that BTC $10,000 will be a big deal if bitcoin can get back above that level, but for now, McAfee has bigger fish to fry. Federal Fish.

Cuban Crisis

Despite the Winklevoss trolling, John McAfee is mainly occupied with the small matter of his personal liberty. Finding himself in Cuba, the elusive bitcoin bull has, according to him, been placed on the CIA’s “Threats To America’s Digital Presence And Security List.” The fixation with the CIA continued just a few tweets later, as JMac took the opportunity to insult the security agencies “kindergarten” like approach to tracking him.

It’s no secret McAfee is constantly concerned about being under surveillance, but his paranoia has reached another level. McAfee’s security chief, John Heidelberg, became ill upon returning to the U.S., and the software veteran believes it may not have been a coincidence.

If John McAfee‘s twitter feed is essentially a reality TV show, then it would appear we are moving toward a series finale.

Holed up in Cuba with the fed’s circling, how will the elusive bitcoin evangelist find a way out? Maybe he will befriend a high ranking Cuban official and make Cuba his permanent home. Who knows?

Last modified: March 4, 2021 2:36 PM

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