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John McAfee Pledges to Expose Corruption in the US Government

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:36 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:36 PM

By CCN.com: In a somewhat bizarre video tweet around lunch on Friday, cryptocurrency aficionado and repetitive presidential candidate John McAfee  said he’s launching a website dedicated to exposing corruption in the U.S. government. This will perhaps be McAfee’s second-most important launch of recent times, having recently unveiled a cryptocurrency exchange.

Crazy McAfee Doing Some Public Good

McAfee is an outlandish personality anywhere he is, which is either a defect or a point of admiration depending on where you stand. In either case, most people wouldn’t want to live the crazy life that McAfee has been leading as of late.

Formerly on the run from Bolivian officials as part of a murder investigation, he came under investigation by the U.S. government for tax dodging. This directly followed McAfee’s public taunting of the U.S. government, saying he had failed to pay taxes for several years and daring them to do something about it.

The techno-millionaire might have flown under the radar for an indeterminate amount of time otherwise.

So, while some governments believe McAfee is corrupt and owes vast sums of money to the federal government, McAfee pledges to expose the corruption of the U.S. government.

McAfee has led a colorful life since he sold his stake in his security company. He once had a sale at one of his estates, saying he was too poor to pay the bills. He later told people that this was a facade and that he was hiding money offshore.

While he doesn’t live the same lavish lifestyle today he might have at one time, McAfee is never hurting.

John McAfee on the Run

Recently, rumors of his demise were exaggerated. Instead of being captured, McAfee and his wife had fled to a new home. U.S. authorities are interested in getting ahold of McAfee, but the old security expert is adept at skating the globe.

The specter of McAfee’s presidential campaign is a curiosity as far as U.S. politics goes. What would happen if, for some crazy reason, McAfee won? Would he be arrested as he was sworn into office? Or would the charges be dropped against him, at least while he was president?

It’s probably not a question we’ll have answered in our lifetime. Whoever is elected in 2020, it will be a Democrat or a Republican. In other words, it won’t be John McAfee.

McAfee is as loud a voice in the crypto community as the likes of Craig Wright, who he’s had problems with. Wright feels empowered to say just about anything he feels about McAfee. Meanwhile, Wright launches lawsuits against people who say things he doesn’t like about him.

McAfee made his boldest claim yet lately when he said he knew the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and was 100% sure it wasn’t Craig Wright. He threatened to reveal the identity but later backed off, citing some obscure legal reason.