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Exclusive: John McAfee Dishes on His Extraordinary Plan to Run for President from International Waters

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:53 PM
Conor Maloney
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:53 PM

2020 US presidential candidate and alleged fugitive John McAfee is a hard man to reach these days.

He only speaks in 5-minute intervals on the phone, hanging up and returning to the call hours later from a different oceanic location on his yacht. This, he says, is to make it more difficult to trace the call and pinpoint his location.

But why would a presidential candidate need to do that?

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John McAfee on Running for President [and from the Law]

As previously reported by CCN.com, McAfee took to Twitter recently to state that taxation is illegal and publicly declare that he hasn’t filed a tax return for 8 years, essentially goading the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to come after him – and he claims that they have.

McAfee says that he and his wife have indicted for not paying their federal income taxes. On January 22, McAfee posted a video stating that the IRS had convened a grand jury in Tennessee to charge the McAfees and four campaign workers with “unspecified crimes of a felonious nature.”

He then announced that he would be running his presidential campaign on the run from the government while living on a yacht called the “Freedom Boat.”

No US presidential candidate in history has campaigned while on the run from the government, which raises the question – how is that going to work? The answer, according to the former enterprise security software mogul turned crypto pumper, is technology.

I Will Be Using Surrogates

John McAfee’s proposal is extraordinary.

He told CCN.com of his plans to hire “surrogates” to attend events in his place, equipped with cameras feeding live video to his hidden location, wireless speakers to enable him to give speeches and respond directly to individuals during conversation, and, of course, wear a mask of his face to give the impression that it is McAfee himself standing on the podium or working the room.

“Yes, I am still running for president in the Libertarian party. I will be using surrogates. Debates, presentations, keynotes, etc. They will wear a mask of my face and be equipped with a small speaker attached to a smartphone. I will be able to see who I am speaking with and orally respond.”

‘I Do Not Intend To Be President’

Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that McAfee has no intention of actually becoming president.

He states that his singular goal is to liberate the American people from an “insane” and “controlling” government that has “become our master,” and strongly advocates the use of privacy-centric cryptocurrencies to take power away from the IRS and allow citizens to hide their incomes and refuse to pay taxes. McAfee told CCN.com that his constant criticism of the IRS is what has provoked the indictment.

“I have been speaking out more and more against the IRS, both in state when I keynote and also on my social media. I think they just had enough.”

“Privacy coins combined with distributed exchanges create an entirely anonymous and private economy. They cannot be shut down or regulated by any legislative or physical means. If a large percentage of the population adopts them then there will be no way for the IRS to levy income taxes.”

It is worth noting that his campaign does not have any other policies. As his website  states:

“Do not ask me about immigration, foreign relations, education, etc. I have no idea. Those claiming that they do are lying to themselves, or if not, they are purposely lying to you. We must first be free. Freedom for The People is my only goal.”

When asked about the nature of his campaign, McAfee told us “I do not intend to be president,” adding: “If I won I would stay home.”

This is reflected in his unusual 2020 presidential campaign slogan which simply reads: “Don’t Vote McAfee.”

John McAfee image from AP Photo / Ng Han Guan