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Joe Rogan Needs More Guests Like Miley Cyrus – Here’s Why

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
  • Joe Rogan recently interviewed Miley Cyrus on his podcast.
  • She gave the JRE host a few healthy jabs to his ego.
  • Not only would Rogan benefit from more guests who challenge his viewpoints, but his audience would too.

Miley Cyrus just took her wrecking ball to Joe Rogan’s ego.

Well, not really. But she did jab the podcasting guru for his lack of knowledge on LGBTQ culture. If Joe Rogan really wants to reach people, he should keep inviting guests like Miley, who challenge his belief systems.

With a whole pile of his pals getting canceled for (allegedly) being full-on creeps, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more strong women, either.

Miley Cyrus Claps All the Way Back

Here’s the clip that had the internet in a frenzy:

While watching a clip of a drag queen doing the splits, Joe Rogan said that “they all do the same move.” Without a second’s hesitation, Miley Cyrus responded with:

That’s what I think when I’m watching your shows too, you know? All the same stuff.

You can then hear Rogan’s mind fumble for a response before realizing there’s nothing he can do but laugh.

Why? Because she’s right. Miley Cyrus just slapped a truth bomb so hard onto Joe Rogan’s bald head that he was reduced to a mere giggle.

As a closeted, ‘sometimes fan’ of Joe Rogan’s podcast, even I can admit that it’s mostly about psychedelics, politics, and MMA.

Sure, he has plenty of interesting guests that cover other topics, but hey: drag queens do more than the splits.

Miley wasn’t done there, though. She went on to explain how even the most successful women are treated differently than men:

And she even took a moment to empower other women to move on.

Of course, Miley Cyrus is far from perfect. But she represents a breath of fresh air on the Joe Rogan Experience. And that space was definitely in need of some new circulation.

The Creepy Dudes Felt at Home

We can’t blame Joe Rogan for having creepy dudes on his podcast before they were outed as creeps. But man, the list is long. And it’s mostly his male comedian friends.

He’s had Chris D’Elia, who’s been accused of being a teenager-loving weirdo with a fetish for exposing himself. There’s a similar story for Louis CK. Then there’s Bryan Callen, who was recently accused of rape. How about Joey Diaz? He went viral for coercing young women into oral sex for stage time. Let’s not forget about Jeff Ross, who’s been quietly accused of dating a teenager when he was in his 30s. 

Joey Diaz
One comedian didn’t find this funny. | Source: Twitter 

And those weren’t even his ‘controversial’ guests.

Joe Rogan Has an Opportunity to Make a Huge Impact

Rogan has faced the most criticism, not for the aforementioned perpetrators, but for featuring guests that people have been labeled ‘alt-right.’

There’s Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gavin McInnes, to name a few.

But he’s not wrong for featuring these guests. He’s not so much ‘giving them a platform’ as he is giving his audience a different take. But it’s important to feature viewpoints from all walks of life. And that’s why it’s important to feature more guests like Miley Cyrus.

If for every Ben Shapiro, Rogan featured someone like Trevor Noah or Samantha Bee, his audience would be all the better for it. Rogan plays a vital role in giving his massive audience an unbiased take.

It’s okay if he has guests who disagree with him. It’s even okay if they put him in his place. And, for the love of God, it’s okay if they don’t talk about mushrooms.

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