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JayStation Deserves Total YouTube, Adsense Perma-Ban for Faking Girlfriend’s Death

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
  • JayStation is a YouTuber who recently came under fire for faking the death of his own girlfriend.
  • After his lie was exposed he came out and admitted it was all for views.
  • If YouTube wants to mature as a platform, JayStation and people like him need to go.

Being able to make money through YouTube is a privilege. Many of us are lucky that we can earn our livings doing what we love online. But, when someone abuses that privilege, it should be taken away from them. Enter: JayStation.

If you’re not familiar with JayStation then consider yourself lucky. He’s a YouTuber who produces some of the worst content ever seen on the platform . Worse than that, he’ll do anything for subscribers .

Even he must have realized that he’d gone too far recently when he faked the death of his (now ex) girlfriend.

JayStation - Dead Girlfriend
This is a real thing, that a real, living person decided to put in a video. YouTube cannot allow this sort of person to use their platform if they want a decent community. | Source: YouTube 

JayStation Makes Trash Content

In a now-deleted video, JayStation pretends to cry over the death of his girlfriend Alexia . At first, he seems to struggle through tears to explain the situation, claiming she was killed by a drunk driver. If he could act at all, the four and a half minute video might actually be distressing.

Then the follow up came. In yet another deleted video, he immediately opens with an upbeat “What’s popping guys, back with another 3 am challenge.” . He then immediately, apparently without any emotional trauma, mentions that his girlfriend Alexia “just passed away”.

The rest of the video is intensely aggravating. JayStation treats the supposed death of his partner like it were any other of his cringe-inducing ‘3 am challenges’. He shills for likes, he pretends to warn viewers about the ‘dangers’ of an ouija board. He also pretends hid ‘dead’ girlfriend gives him a ghost-kiss on the cheek.


He Needs Removing From the Platform Permanently

JayStation needs to be removed from YouTube. It’s really that simple. What he has done is completely horrendous and if YouTube wants to improve their community then he needs to go. He also needs banning from AdSense, preventing him from making money through Google ever again.

Like I said above, earning money this way is a privilege, not a right. JayStation has clearly shown that he doesn’t deserve the privilege if this is what he’s going to do with it.

As if all of this wasn’t a good enough reason, he also appears to be controlling and manipulative too. Alexia, the girlfriend he claimed had died, recently came out to talk about their relationship . JayStation allegedly went through her phone, constantly deleting her social media accounts.

Since this came out, his channel has devolved into bashing her.

In one pinned comment atop the comments in a video, he stated:

“Guys i fell in love with this girl, I tried helping her become famous on youtube, she left me without notice, and tried to ruin my life.”

He has basically claimed that she is trying to ruin his life by leaving him without telling him. Clearly, this ‘YouTuber’ doesn’t think there’s much wrong with faking your ‘loved ones’ death.