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Jay-Z has 99 Problems and Bitcoin Aint One! The Chicago Sun Times to allow Jay-Z Ticket Sales with Bitcoin

Last Updated May 19, 2023 2:22 AM
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Last Updated May 19, 2023 2:22 AM

Chicago Sun-Times to Let Readers Buy Jay-Z, Beyonce Tickets With Bitcoin

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Jay-Z May Have 99 Problems, but bitcoin aint one

Chicago Sun Times seems to be embracing Bitcoin. The paper began taking bitcoin for subscriptions last month. A month in which 11% of their new sign-ups were paid for in bitcoin. The paper is going to be running ads with QR codes that will allow its readers to use bitcoin to buy products directly. The first test of this is new technology and the ads being placed in the paper will be a co-venture with a local ticket broker for tickets to a Jay-Z and Beyonce show at Soldier Field in Chicago this summer.

The Wall Street Journal said,

“As newspapermen ourselves, we take special interest in the things that the group over at the Chicago Sun-Times is doing with cryptocurrencies. The paper started accepting bitcoin for subscriptions in April, and as they promised they are continuing to experiment.”

We are continuing to see bitcoin’s addition to the mainstream from companies like the Chicago Sun Times as well as other papers including USA Today, who replaced their logo with a bitcoin in response to the FEC allowing bitcoin for political campaign contributions as seen here. It appears that many companies are joining the bitcoin craze as it becomes more and more accepted and used. Companies like Coinbase are taking the helm as they partnered with Chicago Sun for their bitcoin subscription debut last month.

The implications of this are simply huge for the bitcoin world and in extension the entire world.

Imagine that for the first time in history that an advertiser can place an ad in a newspaper and sell a product or service directly to consumers who are reading the paper. And don’t think they are stopping there. The Chicago Sun Times has also announced that they are not stopping at bitcoin. The paper that just recently started accepting bitcoin last month also states that it will expand their acceptance by adding litecoin, dogecoin, and peercoin.


This is all very good news for the bitcoin community that has had quite a good week. Here are just a few things that have sprung up this week in light of the 2014 Bitcoin Conference.

  • eBay CEO John Donahue announced that they are considering integrating bitcoin with PayPal
  • Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne delivered a keynote speech declaring his support for the “crypto revolution.”
  • Tony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay released the payment processor’s growth stats and revealed that they have signed up 30,000 merchants so far.
  • Circle Internet Financial unveiled its plans for a free service that uses Bitcoin as a platform for simple money transfers.

The mainstream acceptance trend continues.

Add to that the ability to buy your Jay-Z tickets by simply scanning a QR Code in the Chicago Sun Times Newspaper, and we start to see a trend. That trend is that bitcoin can and will make things easier on not just consumers, but businesses and advertisers as well. More than that, we can now add performers as clearly Jay-Z and Beyonce may have 99 Problems, and Solange may be one, but bitcoin surely is not.