Japans Most Promising Social Commerce Platform Release- The Security of Blockchain, the Sophistication of AI and User Rewards in Crypto!

October 17, 2018 17:20 UTC
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Social media and e-commerce have redefined the way we live. Every sphere of our lives in some way or the other connected to these two domains. It is estimated that by 2019 the number of world-wide social media users would well be over 2.77 billion. The e-commerce retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 Trillion USD by 2021. The future prospects of these 2 gigantic realms are truly enormous indeed.

Imagine a platform that combines social media with e-commerce coupled with the revolutionary Blockchain technology and what you get is a plethora of possibilities with massive potential for growth and revenue.

Welcome, Release.

Release is a blockchain based platform that amalgamates Social Networking Sites (SNS) with e-commerce through good quality & worthy information with the added advantages of Big Data and deep learning based AI (Artificial Intelligence), thus providing a new dimension to the Social Commerce niche.

Based out of Japan, Release has developed a unique rewards system called the ‘Points Service’, wherein every contributor of the article would be awarded 0.1 points per 1 pv (0.1 Yen conversion [Japanese Yen] per pv). The rewards system also aims at remunerating the article reviewers through their respective comments or shares. This innovative rewards structure is designed to encourage contributors to submit articles of quality and worthy information. The Release platform encourages contributors to be kind of city reporters who can make worthy information & news readily available to the viewers and which may not be available on any other networking sites.


The Release platform has one-of-its-kind features that are as listed below:

  • The Social Commerce platform is based on the blockchain platform that offers speed, transparency, reliability, and security.
  • The unique rewards system for both contributors and reviewers in the form of REL tokens.
  • Deep learning based AI that optimizes the search option and elevates the trading mechanism.
  • Data analysis & Management through Big Data.
  • Optimum quality checks to ensure contributions contain worthy information with an equal emphasis on reliable evaluation.
  • Blockchain-based transactions offer transparent records thereby eliminating any possibility of frauds.
  • Data protection that makes falsification physically impossible.

Worthy Information & Reliable Valuation

There are lots of information that may not be available on the main news channels but are widely discussed on various SNS. Release aims to encourage individuals to be city reporters bringing in news and information articles that are worthy of information. The submitted articles are reliably valued through the feedback of viewers in terms of comments, shares, and helpfulness. Thus the valuation of a contributor is directly provided by the viewers with both the participants getting rewarded with REL token points in return. This robust balance elevates the optimum functionality of the entire platform.

Currently, information is classified into 13 distinct categories which include: ‘Breaking News’, ‘Playing’, ‘Eating’, ‘Watching’, ‘Staying’, ‘Buying’, ‘Healing’, ‘Learning’, ‘Work’, ‘Hobby’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Event’, and ‘Others’.

Release Coin (REL Token)

The REL token is based on the ERC20 standard. The initial value is set at 1 REL= 0.1 yen (Japanese Yen). The hard-cap of tokens is set at 100 Billion. The REL tokens would be issued to the MyEtherWallet Account (Personal address). Once the token is published, it can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. Token issuance has commenced since June 2018.

The distribution percentage of REL tokens are as follows:

  • General ICO- 50%
  • Community & Strategy- 20%
  • Development team & Advisor- 20%
  • Bonus- 10%

Release is not just a company that’s set to redefine social commerce market but a company worth investing in. With immaculate vision and innovative technology to support it, Release is well on its way to becoming the leader of the next-generation social commerce domain.