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Japanese TV Show ‘BitGirls’ to Feature Interactive Blockchain Voting ICO

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM

A Japanese TV show called “BitGirls” will begin next month with a cryptocurrency theme. The show will feature interactive blockchain voting and a crowdsale to be hosted on a Japanese exchange, Zaif .

Viewers who want to participate will receive tokens and use them to vote for future show themes. The show is expected to raise public awareness of cryptocurrency.

The BitGirls, three of which have been named, will hold voting challenges with the television hosts over the course of the first season. Participants will vote on things like putting on different costumes or changing the standing position of each girl. Captions will be provided in English and Chinese.

Three BitGirls Named

The girls confirmed for the first season are Kaori, Chika, and Masa. More girls will be added in the coming weeks. The show’s hosts have yet to be determined.


The show’s organizers are investigating posting episodes on the Internet.

Interested parties can check out the first test voting campaign for BitGirls on the voting website. Users can vote with bitcoin rather than voting tokens. The winner will have a dedicated segment on the show for thirty seconds.

Everyone who invests in the BitGirls initial coin offering (ICO) in October will get tokens at a discounted rate. Tokens will be eligible for trade on the Zaif exchange in November.

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ICO To Launch October 3

The BitGirls ICO will launch on Zaif on October 3, 2016. Each girl participating in the show will start a pre-sale of their own tokens, known as Torekabu, which will be sold in limited quantities. Additional tokens will be available after the weekly episode airs.

Every Torekabu token can be traded for bitcoin, ZAIF Counterparty tokens and XEM, the cryptocurrency of the NEM blockchain. Instead of issuing a dividend for the tokens, investors will have voting rights called “hyou.”

All tokens are to be issued on Counterparty, and ZAIF, bitcoin and XEM tokens will be accepted during the crowdsale.

Volunteers who aid in localization efforts will receive Torekabu.

Images from Shutterstock and BitGirls.