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Jake Paul Loots the Entire BLM Movement Then Issues an Entitled Apology

Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:59 PM
  • Jake Paul was filmed with looters at a mall in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • After facing massive backlash, Paul tweeted a pathetic apology, where he mostly tried to defend himself instead of admitting he was wrong.
  • He’s literally stealing what’s most valuable to him (aka ‘looting’) from the entire BLM movement.

Hey Jake Paul, we saw you.

The disturbingly famous “YouTube star” Jake Paul was filmed looting in an Arizona mall on Saturday night during the George Floyd protests.

Paul, who’s popular for being the brother of problematic YouTube star Logan Paul, is facing massive backlash for his role in the looting.

Naturally, he’s trying to weasel his way out of the accusations. Sorry Jake, but your white privilege isn’t going to work today.

All together this time: We saw you. 


Jake Paul & His Friends Vandalize a Mall

The YouTube star was seen inside of The Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. How did he get in? He certainly didn’t knock on the door.

While we don’t know if Paul initially broke open the doors, we know he walked through them.

It must be fun to take part in the carnage, knowing you probably won’t have to pay the price for your actions.

What Jake Paul, and others like him, failed to consider, is that these were supposed to be peaceful protests. George Floyd’s murder was horrendous, but most of the African-American community is all too aware of how they’ll be portrayed if the protests took a violent or destructive turn.

When a privileged white man takes it upon himself to start looting and destroying property, he subverts the intended message. Instead of showing how different the protestors are from violent police officers, people like Jake Paul, who hasn’t faced a lick of oppression in his life, make them look more similar.

We’ve seen white people initiate looting at several turns during these protests. Whether it’s Antifa anarchism,  or alleged undercover policemen breaking windows,  the critical message is being hijacked by people who haven’t experienced the oppression. 

Check-Out This ‘Apology’

Jake tweeted out an ‘apology’ today, but it reeks of self-concern and defensiveness. Here’s his opening line:

To be absolutely clear, neither I nor anyone in our group was engaged in any looting or vandalism.

Check out the entire apology here:

Jake Paul
Jake makes his case. | Source: Twitter 

Do you see how he tries to portray himself as a hero? He was out to “bring attention” and “raise awareness” of the anger. Paul tells us that violence and destruction are “not the answer.”

Hilariously, he ends by saying it’s “not the time to attack each other.” That’s convenient. Jake Paul, who’s getting attacked for his detrimental actions, is telling us it’s not the time to attack people.

Jake Paul
Does anyone actually feel sorry for these two? | Source: Instagram 

But let’s talk about the worst part of this apology.

Jake Paul & His Privilege

Paul repeatedly refers to the fact that he wasn’t taking part in the looting. He was just there “documenting” it. And he assumes that this means he’s off the hook.

But if a black man were caught inside of a looted store, on video, would we give him the benefit of the doubt?

It sounds like Jake Paul expects us to believe him. He expects us to trust that he’s completely innocent. That’s likely because, throughout his life, he has received that benefit of the doubt.

But just the fact that he walked through those doors means that he was promoting others to do so too. Mob mentality is real, and he contributed to that mob. Then, he had the audacity to film it all with a camera crew so he could one day post it for his own benefit?

Jake Paul
Jake Paul and his camera crew use the protests to “bring attention” to his brand. | Source: Twitter 

He’s literally looting the entire BLM movement. He’s stealing what will benefit himself the most. And he’s stealing it from the people he should be helping. The selfishness is sickening.

After his brother Logan’s video of the Japanese suicide forest, it’s clear these two were raised to believe they can do whatever they want — even if it disrespects other cultures.

It’s time to cancel the Paul brothers together and for good. If Jake Paul is genuinely down with the cause, he’ll completely understand.

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