Jake Paul May Finally Learn Douchebaggery Has Consequences

Jake Paul’s home was raided by the FBI today, teaching the YouTube “star” that sometimes douchebaggery has consequences.
jake paul
This is just the latest controversy facing the so-called "YouTube star," who's more famous for being infamous than he is for filming any sort of meaningful content for his channel. | Source: Eric Espada/Getty Images/AFP
  • The FBI raided the home of YouTube “star” Jake Paul on Wednesday.
  • A “small militia” of officers swarmed the Calabasas mansion to execute a search warrant.
  • Paul may have finally plunged himself into a mess he can’t weasel out of.

Jake Paul may finally learn douchebaggery has consequences.

The FBI raided the YouTube prankster’s home in Calabasas, California, on Wednesday morning.

What We Know About the Jake Paul Raid

While details remain hazy, here’s what we know: The raid is gloriously legitimate – not another asinine YouTube prank.

Video: FBI raids Jake Paul’s home in California.

According to TMZ, at least 20 people served a search warrant at Jake Paul’s home this morning:

Whatever the feds were looking for a Jake Paul’s home apparently required a lot of backup and manpower … because a small militia left his pad in armored trucks.

jake paul fbi raid
The YouTube prankster could be in serious trouble. | Source: Twitter

Journalist Rachel Greenspan has confirmed via a statement from the FBI that their raid is part of an “ongoing investigation.”

Thus far, Paul has not commented. The FBI isn’t releasing any more details, either.

The search warrant is sealed, so it’s unclear what agents were looking for.

This ‘Justice’ Might Not Just Be Poetic

This is just the latest controversy facing the so-called “YouTube star,” who’s more famous for being infamous than he is for filming any sort of meaningful content for his channel.

Video: Patty Mayo “Arrests” Jake Paul in YouTube Prank.

Back in June, Jake Paul was arrested and charged with a few misdemeanors for allegedly participating in the looting of a mall in Scottsdale, AZ.

While Paul denied any wrongdoing, he brazenly exploited the publicity to his advantage.

jake paul FBI raid
It’s difficult to shed a tear for Jake Paul. | Source: Twitter

Paul and former NBA player Nate Robinson are currently scheduled to face off in a September 12 celebrity boxing match that will be the “opening card” for the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. fight.

It looks like the strong arm of the law could deliver him a knockout before he even steps into the ring. Then again, he and his ilk always seem to weasel out of whatever messes they create for themselves.

While Jake Paul could end up with more than a wrist-slap this time, I won’t hold my breath. We have to enjoy every morsel of justice we can get – even if we’re all guilty of schadenfreude as a result.

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