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Italy’s Trump-Bashing Ex-PM Yearns for Era When Obama Ruled the World

Last Updated September 28, 2020 6:40 PM
Mark Emem
Last Updated September 28, 2020 6:40 PM

As prime minister of between 2014 and 2016, Matteo Renzi was an unmitigated disaster for Italy. Fortunately, his incompetence and socialist ideology ensured that Italians not only showed him the door but also left his Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) politically annihilated. Now, the has-been is nostalgic of a bygone age when elites and globalists were in charge rather than populists like Donald Trump.

Matteo Renzi Only Has Eyes for Barack Obama

He tells CNBC :

“I’m a really lucky man because I worked with Barack Obama and not Donald Trump.”

The man has gotten it all wrong, and it can only be because of one thing – months and months of being out of power have severely distorted his perspective. Renzi needs to get with the program and realize that the United States is a much better place with someone who places the interests of his fellow citizens first, and opposes the globalists’ agenda of open borders, at the helm.

Matteo Renzi’s Biggest Problem with Trump? His Twitter Account

But what’s Renzi’s chief problem with Donald Trump? Tweets. Listen to him:

“But now with Trump, with a tweet (he announced) ‘We’ve come back from Syria, from Iraq, from Afghanistan’ — with a tweet? This is the style? I think it’s a problem.”

There was a time dishonorable politicians would attack the messenger. Now all they do is attack the platform. Here’s the memo – anyone who has a problem with a politician’s style is playing the politics of distraction.

By attacking Trump’s modus operandi, you get the feeling that Renzi is shielding himself from his own vulnerabilities. Take Renzi’s scorecard for instance – He was elected on a platform of reform but was unable to convince Italians to pass constitutional amendments.


This is How Reforms are Done, Renzi

This turned out to be his political noose for he ultimately resigned. And this is Renzi’s sole achievement – saving Italy the pain of going through more years of his (lack of) leadership.

On the platform that Renzi was elected on, and which was just one in a list of many for Donald Trump, the former Italian PM fails miserably. But with Trump, the reforms that have been carried out have established a record that is hard to beat. He promised to do away with regulations that were strangling, and he has overachieved. And we cannot forget the historic tax reforms, the first comprehensive revision of the tax code in over 30 years.


Cowards Never Made Good Leaders

Obviously, Renzi would like Trump to be more politically correct. But that’s not the solution. Rather, Renzi should take leadership lessons from Italy’s deputy PM and the Five Star Movement leader, Luigi Di Maio.

Specifically, Renzi can learn a lot from Di Maio on courage and boldness. Would Renzi have had the guts to censure France  on a matter troubling Europe, as Di Maio did recently, over its policies in French-speaking Africa or would he just have resorted to political correctness when that has never solved any global problem?

“If today we still have people leaving Africa, it is due to several European countries, first of all France, that didn’t finish colonizing Africa.”

So rather than living in the past talking about how fortunate he was to have worked with Barack Obama, the former Italian PM should realize it’s Italians who are lucky that they got rid of him. And then went ahead to place in power leaders who are putting the country’s interests first ahead of globalists.

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