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Is Playstation Being Honest About Final Fantasy XVI & Demon’s Souls?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • PlayStation’s Showcase was a big success but left pre-ordering and exclusivity unclear for many.
  • Both Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI were announced as coming to PC before Sony back-tracked.
  • Considering Sony’s recent history with releasing PS exclusives on PC, it’s pretty hard to believe them this time.

This week’s PlayStation Showcase was a huge success for Sony, with PS5 pre-orders selling out in various locations around the globe almost a quickly as they went live .

Despite this success, some of the messaging was quite confusing. Not only did Sony go back on their promise of PS5 generational exclusives, but they weren’t clear about console/PC exclusivity either.

Both Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI were said to be coming to PC, but apparently, Demon’s Souls is exclusive, and we still have no idea what’s happening with Final Fantasy XVI.

PlayStation 5 - Scalpers Reactions
Scalpers were not the most popular people online the day after the PS5 pre-orders went live. | Source: Twitter 

PlayStation Is a Popular Mess

It cannot be understated how well the PlayStation Showcase turned out for Sony and the PS5. Not only has the console sold out , but it’s one of the most talked-about topics on the internet . But, the presentation certainly had its flaws.

Pre-orders were supposed to be going live today to give people ample time to get ready. Instead, the pre-orders had a seemingly arbitrary, staggered release worldwide, leaving many unable to secure their consoles before scalpers snapped them up. Even big retailers were taken by surprise .

The big banana-in-the-tailpipe was the faux pas of announcing that Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI were coming to PC, then pretending they weren’t. You can see the trailers below, and you might start to understand why people are so annoyed.

Both Games Will Be Coming to PC Eventually

If you find yourself struggling to believe Sony when they say that the ‘coming to PC’ part of those trailers was a mistake, no one can blame you. This is all eerily reminiscent of the time Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was announced as coming to PC, despite claims from Sony that it was a PlayStation exclusive.

Then there are all those ports of Sony’s PS4 exclusives that are making their way to PC, and Phil Harris’s comments on the subject. Sony can shout human error all the want, but it sounds very suspicious. I’d be shocked if Demon’s Souls stays exclusive to PlayStation consoles for long, especially considering its international licensing mess.

Final Fantasy XVI is even more suspect. The series hasn’t been console-exclusive since the 90s, and even those games are now available on multiple platforms. When Eurogamer asked Square Enix about the exclusivity , they said:

We have no further information on if Final Fantasy 16 will be released on platforms other than the PS5.

Clearly, Square Enix is on strict orders from big-daddy Sony to keep their mouths shut. Let’s face it, the cat’s already out of the bag, and I know which platform I’d rather play both of these games on.

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