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Is ‘The Kissing Booth’ Star Jacob Elordi the Next Hollywood Playboy? 

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
Rose Burke
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Jacob Elordi is breaking hearts all over Hollywood as he becomes the next Hollywood playboy.
  • After splitting from actress Joey King, Elordi hasn’t been able to maintain a long-term relationship.
  • A recent date with Cindy Crawford’s daughter has sparked rumors that Elordi and Zendaya have split.

Since his breakout role in “The Kissing Booth,” actor Jacob Elordi has been linked to numerous celebs, including Joey King, Cari Flowers, Zendaya, Kaia Gerber, and Tommy Dorfman. In just two short years, his status has gone from Hollywood heartthrob to Hollywood playboy, giving the current celebrity titleholder, John Mayer, a run for his money.

While Elordi tries to keep his romantic life private, dating high profile stars makes that nearly impossible. His relationships have gotten him in some hot water, creating awkward vibes on two different sets, getting him tangled in cheating rumors, and causing quite a stir on Instagram.

As he makes his way through the hottest people in show business, it’s hard not to wonder if he’s becoming the next Hollywood playboy.

Jacob Elordi’s Split From Joey King

Elordi has been bouncing from one relationship to another since his split from “The Kissing Booth” co-star, Joey King.  As you can see in the video below, these two had some chemistry.


They dated for nearly two years before calling it quits. It wasn’t long after their breakup that they found themselves back on set together, in what King described as a “wild experience.”  The actress didn’t go into much detail, but expressed that their romantic scenes were “fine,” which sounds like code for “awkward.”

Jacob Elordi Moves On Quickly

Tommy Dorfman
Jacob Elordi gives “13 Reasons Why” actor Tommy Dorfman a kiss on the cheek. | Source: Instagram 

After Elordi’s relationship with King ended, he had a short-lived romance with model Cari Flowers . They went public after Flowers posted a series of (now deleted) photos on Instagram  that showed the two kissing and spending time together in Australia.

The actor then started an online frenzy after posting pictures of him and the “13 Reasons Why” actor, Tommy Dorfman. Despite Dorfman being married since 2016, he appears to be getting incredibly cozy with Elordi, even getting a smooch on the cheek!  While the two are likely just friends, that didn’t stop them from posting pictures that made it appear otherwise.

Cheating Rumors

Zendaya shows off her new look | Source: Instagram 

Around the same time that Flowers deleted photos of Elordi from her Instagram page, the actor was spotted spending time with “Euphoria” co-star, Zendaya. While they claimed to be just friends at first, photos captured of the two locking lips in January of 2020 finally got them to admit that their relationship had taken a turn. It seems that it didn’t last, though.

Just last week, Elordi was seen holding hands and having dinner with on Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber. It’s unclear if Zendaya and Elordi secretly split  some time over the last few months or if the actor was cheating, but it’s safe to say that “The Greatest Showman” actress is newly single.

Like many shows and movies right now, filming for season two of “Euphoria” has been delayed due to COVID-19. Fortunately, this gives the two some time apart before they’ll be forced to work together again on set.

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