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Is It Too Late To Get Into NEO?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:58 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:58 PM

Looking at the NEO charts, it’s clear we may have another opportunity to get in on it. If you measure it the way you do other cryptocurrencies, then you probably can reckon it’s got a floor of about ~$25-30. While it’s bad to let fear of missing out (FOMO) motivate purchases, with so many rocket ships heading for the moon lately, no one wants to miss their flight.


If you’re wondering if it’s too late to get into NEO, from this author’s perspective, it’s still early to get into anything crypto-related. The massive profit opportunities aren’t over, they haven’t even begun. Long-existent blockchains, new blockchains, and tokenized blockchains such as NEO, Ethereum, and the rest will flourish.

One can still buy NEO at Bittrex  and a few other exchanges.

Binance is one exchange that is newer but is also trading NEO. We covered this over at Hacked .

As you can see, with prices being this friendly, the author has picked up a NEO. We wonder about the “claiming gas” business – this must be a proof-of-stake like mechanism. Having now exactly 1 token, thanks to the help of NeoToGas.com , we know that we will earn a bit of gas over time.

Be careful if you buy at Bittrex. You must withdraw an entire NEO, including the fee. Not sure why this is, but the author had trouble getting his NEO out of the exchange at first. You’ll want the NEO in your own private controlled wallet in order to ensure you collect your gas reward.

It’s easy enough to get a version of this wallet for any platform at their website . The City of Zion  website has a great deal more information.

Moving forward, there will be ICOs offered on the NEO platform. So this recent dip back in price is probably a great time to gather up a position and begin to speculate on the future of the blockchain in Asia. One certainly cannot understate the power of this platform, especially if one accepts that it is “China’s Ethereum.” Ethereum over here, after all, is only really just beginning its ascent.

The Revolution Will Be Tokenized

The author believe that all token platforms – NEO, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Waves, NXT, and the rest will in the future play extremely important roles in the development of cryptocurrency-based economic models and incentives. For anyone looking to get in on the ground floor of these, the cheaper alternatives may not always be cheap, and it is advisable to become educated and get in as early as possible.

Again, however, we must maintain the belief that the whole thing is nascent. Even buying a Bitcoin at $4,000 may not be the craziest prospect. Just having these crypto funds ready for later investment into the economy, and being able to cash back out into Bitcoin, will be a vital investor tool in the future.

Companies are learning the hard way that holding Bitcoin is a great way to hedge against ransomware and other nefarious attacks against their business. The revolution will really be in all companies, and people, learning the power of the blockchain and tokenizing everything, from real assets to stocks.

One can also envision a part of the future in which private allegiances of miners simply get together and promise to guarantee a network so long as their network token holds some value. Many Ethereum ICOs require additional processing power beyond the Ethereum blockchain, so it’s not hard to imagine tokenized versions of this idea happening as well. This is where the whole “revolution” part plays in.

And if it NEO is going to be the Asian-friendly token platform, then this author wants as big a piece in it as he can get, as increasingly big finance seems to be generating from that region.

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