IPSX Launches TGE after Raising 6500 ETH Privately


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IPSX is a platform that looks to share IPs among actors across the world, and a framework to build applications which requires IPs reliably and transparently. Before this Token Generation Event which is slated to begin February 28th, The Switzerland based project raised 6,500 ETH in a private investment session.

IPSX is overjoyed by the demand, as 30,000 ETH was asked for during the private investment phase, but the platform only accepted 6,500 since they put a hard cap at 10,800 ETH, allowing for 4,300 ETH to be invested by the public.

TGE Details

The tokens will be purchased at a price of 0.000014 ETH per token and the sale will last until March 5th, 2018, or until token supply is exhausted. There is a process required for interested contributors before they are able to participate in the TGE which include:

  •         Join the IPSX telegram channel
  •         Wait for the whitelist registration to be announced and opened
  •         Register on the whitelist and pass the KYC/AML verification
  •         Wait for KYC approval

The contribution address will be made public, and will be posted on their website, blog, and Twitter, at least 24 hours before the TGE begins in an effort to reduce potential scam and hacking incidents.

Anyone Can Earn

Since IP addresses are given to any internet connected device, even phones and tablets can be used to earn tokens as simple as installing an application on the device and sharing the device IP address, or renting an already existing IP from the platform. Data centers will be able to share full ranges of IP addresses.

Scheduled Release Late 2018

The company looks to launch by Q3 2018, with advanced SDK and API integrations for developers looking to enhance the experience. Additionally, VPN offerings courtesy of IPSX will allow system integration from millions of IPs all over the world. A blockchain system will ensure decentralized operation that is automated, with improved privacy, security, and censor resistance will allow users to access IPs from all over the world for as little as 5 seconds, up to a month.

Bypassing geo-restricted content, using residential addresses compared to commercial ones, and other use purposes will be able to be satisfied by IPSX’s revolutionary program.

About IPSX

IPSX is a decentralized IP sharing exchange and framework, designed to facilitate building applications on top of existing IPs, shared by community members and data centers in a secure and transparent environment. It is a smart-contract based, blockchain-protocol utility token, and an incentivizing mechanism for sharing IPs among actors from all over the world.

IPSX is the first truly decentralized IP Sharing Exchange, that will create a global IP marketplace. Combined with flexible tools (SDKs and APIs) to aid entrepreneurs and developers, in a fully secured and transparent environment, IPSX will enable the development of new applications on top of already existing IPs on the IPSX sharing platform (VPN providers,

Data Mining software, web crawling bots microtasks, etc). Alongside distributed storage and processing tools, IPSX will create the distributed network layer, becoming a crucial component for the next phase of the web.

The project is advised by Marco Houwen – one of the initiators of the privately-run but publicly supported NGO Infrachain A.S.B.l. The organization is supported by the Luxembourg government and has received wide praise, especially after it was adopted last year by eleven of the top players in the Luxembourg Blockchain Ecosystem.

For more information, visit IPSX’s Website: https://ip.sx/

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