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I/O Digital Highlighting Developments in Its Blockchain System

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February 12, 2018: I/O Digital is working to make the I/O Coin Blockchain viable and unique for people and companies to use through their debut release API documentation release this week. The team recently spoke in Miami at the Bitcoin and Blockchain conference to discuss their efforts and future developments, including the announcement of the addition of Dr. Moe Levin to the team.

I/O Coin features 4MB blocks, alias registration, encrypted messaging, file upload and key transfers all in the blockchain. The I/O Coin blockchain is also made to help people with storing sensitive documents and keeping them from being accessible to others far too easily. This may be used for wills, deeds, intellectual property claims and much more. The functionality of the blockchain system helps to ensure that all content is kept private. The team announced stealth addresses to keep actions private and ring signatures to add an extra layer of confirmation. Secret vote ballots and group messaging functions would also be offered. Currently there is a 4 percent annual return for staking, making I/O coin a favorable choice for investors and holders that are looking for passive income. Future developments include an upgrade to staking called graduated staking which will be masternodes without the centralization aspect.

The I/O Coin blockchain has been running and tested for years, and the addition of Chameleon set to be announced sometime later in the year will bring sidechains that increase the usability of other blockchain features as well as offering a solution to several use cases. Remember I/O Coin is the foundation of a much broader bigger Blockchain application ecosystem. The ongoing effort to continue to promote the chain while the IOC currency continues to move forward is a vital point to review.

Additional information on what I/O Digital is doing for its blockchain system and how it will continue to evolve on the market can be found at

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