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InvaderVie Could Not Seem More Entitled & Out of Touch

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
  • InvaderVie is a Twitch streamer who mainly focuses on the ‘Just Chatting’ genre.
  • She has recently come under fire for berating viewers who aren’t paying her any money.
  • This is one of the most self-centered and entitled things to come out of a streamer’s mouth in recent memory.

Sometimes streamers can come across as entitled and out of touch.

Back in January “BadBunny” was the embodiment of that. She went on a rant about viewers not giving her any money for her content . Now it seems that InvaderVie has decided to step up to the plate .

In a recent Twitch Stream, InvaderVie decided that she should shame her viewers for not paying her money. She literally claimed that if you have time to watch Twitch, then you should have $10 to pay her. Her logic? Well, apparently if you don’t have $10 to pay to a streamer, then you should be out working.

And the award for most entitled sounding brat on Twitch today goes to InvaderVie.

InvaderVie - Smug Face
During a sarcastic retort, InvaderVie couldn’t but pull this smug face while berating her more broke viewers. | Source: Twitch 

InvaderVie Doesn’t Care About Her Viewers, Unless They’re Paying Her

The claims InvaderVie made are complete and total nonsense. It’s absolutely ridiculous to equate having time to watch a stream with having enough money to splurge $10 on what’s basically a luxury item. The fact that she doesn’t get that is very telling about her personality and thought process.

It only gets worse too. When someone said they were unemployed and therefore couldn’t afford to pay for a subscription she doubled down:

No one’s gonna convince me that what I’m saying is so rude or so unacceptable or so outrageous, it just simply isn’t. It’s five dollars. It doesn’t cost you that much to sub.

Honestly, at this point, I’m just struggling to believe that someone this vapid and self-centered actually exists outside the villains in a 90s teen comedy movie.

InvaderVie Has a Disgusting Attitude Toward Content Creation

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying content creators don’t need financial support. If you enjoy a content creator’s work and you’re well-off enough to support them, then you should certainly be doing that. But demanding that of your viewers, especially at a time like this, is frankly disgusting.

InvaderVie clearly had no thought whatsoever for those who might be using her streams to manage the stress of losing their job during the COVID-19 crisis. Worse than that, she sarcastically called those who thought she was being unreasonable “immature, childish, cheapskates.”

It’s just so very telling. Any decent content creator accepts that some people cannot afford to support them but would if they could. And they’re grateful to everyone who is able to support them.

Not InvaderVie though. In a time when we should all be pulling together, you better be willing to pay her. Even if you’re unemployed and broke.

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