Introducing A Truly Innovative Altcoin: Huntercoin

March 7, 2014 20:13 UTC

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What Is Huntercoin?

Huntercoin is a new altcoin that released at the beginning of February to little fanfare.  Huntercoin is based off of Namecoin and utilized a dual proof-of-work algorithm to process Huntercoin transactions with both SHA and Scrypt devices.  Huntercoin is meant to be merged mined with other altcoins and should be immune to fluctuations in hardware efficiency.

That isn’t even the most interesting part about Huntercoin mining.  Huntercoin blocks are 1 minute long, and every block releases 10 Huntercoins.  1 HUC goes to the miners each block, and 8.75 is distributed on the Huntercoin map.  The remaining 0.25 HUC goes to whichever Hunter has the crown.  The traditional mining scheme has been turned on its head by Huntercoin.  For the first time since the earliest days of Bitcoin, any individual can mine meaningful amounts of crypto without dedicated hardware.

Furthermore, Huntercoin is the world’s first MMO game that is decentralized and cannot be taken down, or censored, by any government or rating agency.

How Do You Play Huntercoin?

Huntercoin units can be created within the Huntercoin QT client, it costs 1 HUC plus tranaction fees to create one team of 3 units: 1 general and 2 soldiers.  The player must name his team and also choose a color: Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow.  Each of the different colors has a different spawn point on the diagonally symmetrical Huntercoin map.

Huntercoin blockchain data is visualized by this constantly syncing map

To control units within Huntercoin, you send commands (transactions) and once they receive confirmations in the blockchain, they appear on the Huntercoin map.  Every block, every unit either stays still, moves, or self-destructs.  You can either set a waypoint for your unit to start moving towards, one block at a time, or you can set your unit to self-destruct and destroy all dissimilar colored units within a specified radius.

The goal in the game is to gather HUC, otherwise known as human-mining.  The actual process is using your hunters to pick up the HUC on the ground as they randomly appear on the map.  Once your hunter is holding HUC, it isn’t actually in your wallet until you return your hunter back to the spawn area.  Hunters can choose to seek HUC on the ground, or the crown; alternatively, many hunters will only hunt users that are carrying HUC using the self destruct function.

This simple combination of Bitcoin and a game has incredibly far reaching consequences; particularly, for the online labour market.  Unfortunately, Huntercoin is not yet ready to take the crypto world by storm.

Current Issues With Huntercoin

The current blockchain, which has stored 5 weeks worth of moves by thousands of Huntercoin players, is too large and unwieldy for some to download. Without an SSD, or extra work to create a ramdisk, the constant syncing of the Huntercoin game client currently takes up more time and computer resources than the average crypto enthusiast has.

One of Huntercoin’s major selling points is that any person could theoretically use any internet enabled device to mine Huntercoins through human-mining. While you don’t need a high-end AMD video card to mine Huntercoin at the moment, you do require an SSD or ram. This will soon change.

Future Solutions For Huntercoin

Snailbrain, the head developer of Huntercoin, recently announced that Huntercoin would have these new features in the “near future.”

  • Players will not need to download the block chain

  • Graphics can be improved

  • Will be an advanced alternative client (Mithrilman)

  • Will be able to play in Browser/Mobile Devices and Tablets – instant login anywhere in the world and more

Once the Huntercoin community overcomes the technical hurdles that they are currently facing, I believe that Huntercoin will really start to take off all around the world.  There are already fledgling Chinese and Romanian communities on Huntercointalk and at times the majority of the chat is not in English.  I look forward to future developments in Huntercoin and I suggest that you take a look at it!  Stay tuned to CCN for more Huntercoin news!

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