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The blockchain commerce or bcommerce solution will remove the market monopoly of giant corporations and ease the large fees and tight controls of the current centralised marketplaces and payment systems.

The nTitle team switched focus to developing blockchain software after two decades experience in the tech industry and have already worked alongside projects such as MakerDao. Peter van Grinsven, Amsterdam based serial entrepreneur and CEO of nTitle, remarks: “The insight of nTitle is to sell right at the point of discovery, circumventing the bank, the payment provider and the ecommerce retail channel. Games are no longer discovered on traditional ecommerce marketplaces like Steam, but on social media, for example, through streamers on Twitch”. In a 2018 survey amongst 4000 game developers, social media was considered to be the number 1 source for discovery of games.

At the core of the nTitle bcommerce software is what they are calling Liquid Licensing. This concept allows true digital ownership and full control over the right to resell or loan digital items on the blockchain and is set to revolutionise the perception of digital assets.

The working product demos are already in place, featuring a Mobile DApp and Web Dashboard with QR code functionality that supports sales at the point of discovery.

The Unreal Engine Software Development Kit is ready for integration into the largest entertainment industry in the world, estimated to reach $140 billion in 2018. With tech savvy, youthful and forward thinking consumers, the Independent Games sector is the ideal market to demonstrate the power and utility of the bcommerce solution.

Game Developers are set to see huge benefits from the bcommerce ecosystem, they will no longer be tied to huge commission fees that come from the centralised marketplace. Game developers can utilise their existing brand advocates as a direct marketing tool, the Influencers along with the Gamers themselves will also experience wide-ranging benefits, opening up additional revenue streams for all participants in the new decentralised economy.

Alongside advisors, Gavin Nicol, CTO of Context Labs and Anthony Eufemio, CTO and Co-Founder of Digix Global, the team has gathered a host of exciting partners to the project, with Abstraction Games, Utomik, 3goo, and 3rdKind, amongst others set to work with nTitle. The emerging Team Dutch Gaming has also recently been announced as an official esports sponsor.

The marketing campaign kicks off in just a few weeks with the release of their blockchain racing game nTitle Fury. By playing the game, checking out the demo of the bcommerce solution and sharing with friends, you are in with a chance of grabbing a piece of the HUGE $200k prize pool!

The Whitepaper is officially released, the bcommerce Mobile Trading DApp Beta is ready for testing and more partnerships are falling into place. Leading up to the Crowdsale in Q4 2018, this is sure to be an exciting year for nTitle.

About nTitle

nTitle is an Amsterdam based blockchain software solutions company focused on the new blockchain commerce sector. They make software tools that remove the need for a centralised marketplace and give ownership of digital assets back to the creators, influencers, and consumers.


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