Introducing iBTC: The New (ERC20) Innovative Bitcoin Solution

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Bitcoin + Ethereum (ERC20) = iBTC. iBTC is a tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. The average block time is 24 seconds and not more than 8 minutes. There are 21 Million iBTC token and no additional tokens will ever be produced.

iBTC is a bold new concept that aims to combine the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin. iBTC will transform Bitcoin into a standard ERC20 token that will be processed much faster than ether.

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Currently, some of the problems faced by Bitcoin is the mining speed of the blocks and its inconsistency related to forks. But Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most widespread and accepted cryptocurrency. At the same time, Ethereum is fast, confirmation is quick, and enables smart contract, but however it’s not as compatible or widespread as Bitcoin. Both of these coins suffer security weakness not related directly to the blockchain but with respect to the exchanges, wallet, etc.

With iBTC you can instantly convert between ETH and BTC. In case you do not want to convert to iBTC to take advantage of the fluctuations in BTC and ETH, you are free to do so. This is our second phase where we intend to have seamless transition between BTC, ETH and iBTC. You only need to convert 5% of your BTC/ETH to iBTC and still be able to enjoy the benefits of iBTC token at the full amount. This essentially shields you from wild fluctuations. This wallet is nothing like you have ever seen.

What is iBTC ?

It’s a decentralized secure cryptocurrency build on Ethereum platform that offers private and transparent transactions. The bold new concept is to become a leading tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will not only boost Ethereum’s recognition in the crypto-space but also in the eyes of the public providing a new concept of representing Bitcoin. We believe that the innovative Bitcoin token “iBTC” with adoption could be a game changer in investment approach to cryptocurrencies.

Investors’ enthusiasm for ERC20 tokens has previously resulted in being a new concept of investing, as we have seen in previous successful projects.
iBTC payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient and amount of a transaction remains private.

Why iBTC ?

Does Bitcoin look TOO expensive only to me? …Well we have a new Innovative Bitcoin, “iBTC”, that can be sent via peer-to-peer (P2P) over the internet. Though it’s similar to LTC and BTC.

1. Send transactions to anyone through P2P network.
2. Instant transactions and lightning fast transactions gives you a peace of mind.
3. Low fees grow more by paying lower fees per transaction.

iBTC stays true to the original vision of digital money, a financial system owned by its users, ‘the people’s coin’.

Quick Facts!

Bitcoin is due for its own decentralized exchange, escrow services, app, smart contracts, payment gateway and debit card. This is our initial proposal for iBTC as soon as the iTeam is assembled. They will draft the roadmap and white paper to achieve this and many more to take Bitcoin to its full potential. Improvements from existing Bitcoin or Ethereum token as a standalone in speed, compatibility and security is massive.


80% of the coins were shared through an airdrop in which the remaining 20% were divided equally between marketing and development teams. This also acts as an asset for stability and value creation. The airdrop lasted for 4 days and coins were shared equally amongst the participants. As you see, the platform is fully transparent, decentralized and has no ICO. Airdrop and distribution are OVER.

Seamless Exchange

Decentralized exchange for investors to be able to trade iBTC with other crypto coins with less commissions. Investors can also give out loans or borrow iBTC tokens to trade in merging markets.


We intend to integrate your iBTC tokens for payment in day-to-day use. You will receive your own customized VISA/ MasterCard debit card where you can use for online payments. In the future, offline payments will also be supported. iBTC Debit card will be issued to investors and merchants, who will then be able to withdraw and spend from their Contract Wallet. This debit card connects your Contract Wallet to a debit card network — enabling online payments, PoS transactions and ATM withdrawals using iBTC token and ERC20 tokens in the Token™ Contract Wallet.

Smart Contracts Enabled

We will work with organizations and governments to create and implement blockchain powered solutions such as digital identity, supply chain, etc. Invoice will be paid in iBTC tokens. This are one of the ways of creating value for iBTC.

Merchants all over the world can use iBTC payment gateway to sell goods and services on their website. This will create more demand for iBTC token.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers can use iBTC escrow services to sell goods and services. They can also withdraw and deposit iBTC token in the escrow.

iBTC apps will be used to grant access to all the products and services in iBTC platform. This is the best way to carry Bitcoin in our pocket.


We are currently modifying the whitepaper to reflect the new changes. Kindly follow our Twitter page or subscribe to our mailing list for updates. Whitepaper is coming soon as we are putting the finishing touches to the new whitepaper.


Let us look at some of the features of Wallet:

  • The wallet is based on the popular metamask-extension
  • Account wallet is encrypted and stored locally in your browser.
  • No information is ever communicated to MetaMask Servers.
  • Maintain multiple accounts and switch seamlessly
  • Gives access to Ethereum enabled sites.
  • The above allows it to be platform independent as long as you have a chrome browser running
  • Users need not download the entire blockchain to be in sync
  • Users have specific access to IBTC token and ETH token.
  • Users can send IBTC token (through tokenfactory) or ETH token from the wallet
  • Users can click on trade to have one-click access to EtherDelta trading page.

Development Roadmap

  • UI Changes and optimization (Dec 2017)
  • USD Value of IBTC token to be displayed (Q1 2018)
  • Listing in chrome store (Q2 2018)
  • Edge/Firefox plugin/ Chromium App to be built (Q3 2018)
  • Inbuilt forms to send IBTC token (Q3 2018)
  • Direct transfer to iBTC – Bitcoin – ETH ( Q4 2018/ Q1 2019)
  • Track the linked VISA card purchases (TBA)

Listed Exchanges:

Coming soon:


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