Roz Savage arrives Honolulu HawaiiThe Great Pacific Race 2014 is the world’s first rowing race across the Pacific Ocean. Teams of one, two, and four will compete in a journey to row across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. The race is expected to take anywhere from 30 to 90 days based on crew size in the boats. The racer’s boats are only powered by muscle without any help from sails or engines. Ultracoin and Bitcoin Woman Magazine are pairing up to sponsor racer Elsa Hammond for the race that will last up to three months. Ultracoin is an Altcoin with a blazing fast transaction time of six seconds. Ultracoin developer and writer for Bitcoin Woman Magazine, DCGirl has helped organize the sponsorship for the race. I got a chance to interview DCGirl about Ultracoin and the upcoming race:


What is your position with Ultracoin?

I am the head of Application Development for Ultracoin, and a member of the executive team. I own a software development company and have 20 years experience in software development, design and architecture.

Tell me a little bit about Ultracoin

Ultracoin is an Altcoin, derived from Bitcoin. It was designed to offer several advantages over Bitcoin – it is ASIC resistant to benefit miners, has fast transaction times, and provides a 20% per year “proof of stake” return to people that hold the coin and support the network.

What unique features does Ultracoin have?

The UTC team’s primary focus is on the long-term advancements to cryptocurrency that can be made with Ultracoin, as opposed to its short-term price. By advancing the architecture of Ultracoin, the wallet and its infrastructure, building solid real-world applications and developing partnerships with payment processors and software providers, Ultracoin leads all other altcoins in the cryptocurrency landscape.

To provide value to traders, and to demonstrate that we have the technical “chops” to deliver future projects, our first project is a cryptocurrency arbitrage profitability calculation website called Ultra-Arb. Ultra-Arb gives traders information about arbitrage opportunities at multiple exchanges, and as a surprising benefit, also offers the most comprehensive view of crypto-market movement available today. Development continues on Ultra-Arb as we expand its functions, and create a premium subscription model.

We are also in the design phase for several other projects, including an in-game economy plugin for the online video game Minecraft, a point-of-sale plugin for software accounting systems and an entirely redesigned wallet that is more intuitive, informational and transportable.

What is the Great Pacific Race and what will Ultracoin be doing at the race?

The Great Pacific Race 2014 is the first ever rowing race in the Pacific Ocean. On June 7, 2014 teams of 1, 2 and 4 rowers will compete against each other in a 3 month, 2,400 mile race from California to Hawaii, without the benefit of either sails or engines. Elsa Hammond, rowing solo, has dedicated her race to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, a charity that works to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans; and to the GREAT Initiative, an inspirational and growing gender equality charity. Ultracoin is partnering with BitcoinWoman Magazine to sponsor Elsa in her race, by providing donations to help with expenses, and publicity.

What does the race mean for Ultracoin?

I write lifestyle articles for BitcoinWoman Magazine, with the goal of spreading the word about cryptocurrency to women worldwide. Ultracoin had not planned to pursue a sponsorship at this stage in our development, but after hearing about Elsa’s race, we decided to explore how we could help. As one of the few women working in the trenches of crypto, I’ve been very lucky to have the Ultracoin team behind me and to have the exposure BitcoinWoman Magazine provides. Sponsoring Elsa fits our goals very well – we have the opportunity to expose more women to the fascinating world of cryptocurrency and help a very inspiring person complete an incredibly difficult journey.

What kind of publicity will the race bring for Ultracoin?

Ultracoin will continue to promote and publicize Elsa throughout the race, with fundraising efforts, blogging and magazine articles.

The Great Pacific Race is a sponsorship will help Ultracoin gain publicity while promoting cryptocurrencies in general to the public. Ultracoin community members have made donations to help sponsor Elsa. We wish Elsa the best of luck as she embarks on her race on June 7th. You can read more about Elsa Hammond on her website.