An Interview with the Developer of PiggyCoin

May 7, 2014
PiggyCoin sets out to target new shores in terms of age demographics.

PiggyCoin has attracted a great deal of attention recently with the aim of “providing your children with the opportunity to learn about the emerging world of digital currency”. PiggyCoin is aimed at parents who want to get their children excited about cryptocurrency by using a wallet as their very own piggybank. PiggyCoin has seen a tremendous rise in value over the past couple days and a strong market volume going forward. On top of the financial interest, the PiggyCoin team are releasing a new surprise every day this week at 20:00 GMT that they are calling #piggyweek. Kicking off with the launch of the first PiggyCoin online wallet service. I spoke with the lead developer to find out more about the altcoin:


Who are you? [dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]’m a young Portuguese student with a very big interest in cryptocurrencies.

What is your history with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? I started in Bitcoin two and a half years ago, I was really curious and started looking into it more deeply. Two years go by and, at this point, I was a big crypto fan. I discovered Dogecoin and I fell in love, I was between the first 100 subscribers and I even remember I talked to the moolah guys when they posted in there. The community was insanely friendly and I was really happy. But we still had this education problem.. and PiggyCoin was born.

What do you personally feel is the most impressive thing about the blockchain architecture? I love how Satoshi solved the double-spending problem and the consequences that it will bring. Think about it, if the blockchain had been invented 500 years ago we could know how much money Philip II spent on building the Invincle Fleet or even how Stalin did his finances, that’s amazing!

Why PiggyCoin? Ohh, this one’s easy! Remember when you were a kid and you had a little piggybank where you would put your money, this piggybank probably taught you a lot about how money works (how you can save it, spend it, earn it, etc), we want to be the piggybank of the crypto world, kids will learn about this “new type of money” with PiggyCoin and will eventually leave the kiddy world of piggy and move to Bitcoin.

How did the project start? I’ve been into crypto for 2 and a half years right now and there was something that was really bothering me. We have this amazing technology but we can’t seem to be able to explain it to your average joe, then I had this idea. Why don’t we explain it to the kids? They are our future, and if crypto wants to move on to the future it needs to target the ones that will be using it. We also think that will even help the current generation get into crypto, parents are always interested in what their kids are doing and we hope they will be interested in piggy too.

How many are in your development team? I started this project by myself but couldn’t have kept developing if it wasn’t for a lot of people from our community that took a step forward and offered their help, I won’t name you guys but they know who they are and I deeply thank them. If we count this people I think we are 5/6 right now.

What sets PiggyCoin apart from other Altcoins? I think PiggyCoin is the first coin that can be seen as a “learning tool”, we are like doge in a way (don’t get me wrong shibes, I love you guys!), because they are also a fun and friendly coin where a lot of people start. We want to become this educational tool but in a more serious way, instead of the coin (like doge), it’s our whole objective.

What is the goal of #piggyweek? What kind of activity do you have planned? I had a lot of things to announce and thought it would be nice to have a #piggyweek, a week where each day we announce a new service/feature for the coin. #piggyweek’s announcements are secret but I at the moment of writing we have already launched a web piggybank (web wallet).

Why do you think that the price of PiggyCoin has skyrocketed so dramatically recently? #piggyweek is playing a big role in this but I think we are starting to get noticed and people are starting to see what this project can bring to the table.

What can we expect from PiggyCoin in the future? You can expect PiggyCoin starting entering in real life. We want kids and teachers to be involved. We want to show the possibilities of crypto, and I think we have a very good shot at doing so!

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