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August 22, 2014 3:00 PM UTC

Interview With Jacob Wheeling Owner/CEO of ZigHash

In the continuing search for reliable vendors and manufacturers there are many options, and we always need to be vigilant and aware of the company or people with whom you are dealing with. ZigHash is an ASIC mining hardware and now also a cloud mining vendor.…

Interview With Jacob Wheeling Owner/CEO of ZigHash

In the continuing search for reliable vendors and manufacturers there are many options, and we always need to be vigilant and aware of the company or people with whom you are dealing with. ZigHash is an ASIC mining hardware and now also a cloud mining vendor. I have successfully completed several transactions with them, so I asked Jacob Wheeling, Owner/CEO of ZigHash, for an interview.

First I will start by saying that each transaction I had has been completed with fast and helpful service. I only had one error on my first order, and it was cleared up in a matter of a few minutes. Jacob himself was manning the online sessions that evening, and while I did not know it then, I learned later he was the CEO of the quickly growing company. Jacob is very active on the forum and well as BitcoinTalk and always takes the time to engage his customers. Engaging the community like this is refreshing and reminiscent of Matt and Dan of My interview with Jacob was both enlightening and interesting. Almost every one of CCN’s articles shows just how much potential there is in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency realm for new businesses and entrepreneurs.


How many people are part of ZigHash?

Only a few. We are small right now so hiring a large team is unnecessary at the moment. We are quickly growing and are planning on hiring additional staff soon!

Do you do only drop shipping or do you also ship directly from the warehouse as well?

We do a little of both. Because of how fast everything moves in the Crypto world, keeping inventory is hard. Hardware prices for a product can be $100 one day and $20 the next. To keep our pricing competitive we choose to drop ship most of our products!

What sets you apart from other smaller miner vendors?

This is something I love to talk about! Our pricing, customer support and morals are a few of the things that set us apart. Our customer support is something that we are very proud of. We have Live Chat on our website to handle our customers in real time. There is nothing that I dislike more than browsing a website, have questions on the product and waiting days to hear back. Something that I have also found that our customers love, is our giveaways. A few times a month we will randomly choose a customer and award them with a free miner!

Your deals with GAW and ZenMiner have been first to the market for each new product. How hard did you have to work to get those relationships?

In the beginning, it was tough. I remember when ZigHash first opened up we were looking for companies that would allow us to sell their product. I remember emailing Rami at GAW Miners and talking on the phone with him about a potential partnership. It took about a month to finally get something going, but Josh saw our potential and we took it and ran. Because of that, we are now one of the leading resellers for GAW and ZenMiner.

When will you accept Litecoin and other Scrypt coins for payment?

The more people that accept Litecoin and other Scrypt coins, the healthier the ecosystem will be. Because of that, we are working hard to find a gateway that can be implemented into Shopify that allows us to accept Litecoin and other altcoins. The only Cryptocurrency Shopify allows us to choose from is Bitcoin, so we have to implement it ourselves which can take some time! Stay tuned! We are working on that now!

GAWMiners announcement on 8/20/14 that they now accept Litecoin and Dogecoin for payment is a big step in the direction of helping the Scrypt mined coins that they themselves sell miners for. In recent days, the Litecoin price has rallied more than is just accounted for in the BTC price going back up. If more merchants accept Litecoin and Scrypt coins, their values will go up helping to keep the ecosystem healthy. ZigHash is actively looking for a way to add Litecoin and possibly other coins as forms of payment show how robust the Scrypt Currency industry can be.


ZigHash is one of the first if not the first 3rd party to begin selling Hashlets. How important of a step has this been for you?

Hashlet is a huge step forward in Crypto Mining. It has allowed us to sell to a broader market. Mining for beginners can be very intimidating, Hashlet helps take the edge off by making it simple. People will never have to worry about long shipping times, and complicated setups and expensive electricity costs again.

ZigHash Announcement of Hashlet Sales

Do you have any upcoming miners or manufacturers you are ready to talk about that you will be selling soon?

Finding manufacturers you can trust is a hard task. The last thing we want to happen is our reputation to be ruined by a bad manufacture. We are still waiting on a few manufacturers to prove themselves before we can offer their product for sale!

What are your future plans for ZigHash?

ZigHash is growing rapidly. We are working on some new things that we are keeping close to our chest! Stay tuned!

How do you feel about the Scrypt Mining industry right now as coin values have dropped quite a bit over the last two months?


The dropping prices have been hard on everybody. I believe that Hashlet is going to turn the falling prices around. There are more and more people picking up mining now because of the simplicity of it. The future of Litecoin is bright, and Hashlet is the next step in making Litecoin an everyday currency.


ZigHash is another company that I can personally recommend from both my own experiences and also community feedback. Jacob and his team are very engaged with their customers and they keep up with the ecosystem of mining and are working to keep that ecosystem healthy. One of the best things any manufacturer or vendor can do is to make sure that their customers can excel with their products while simultaneously supporting the very coins that are mined by their equipment. It keeps the respective  blockchains healthy and the coins’ values healthy. Jacob and the ZigHash are working hard to be careful what companies they deal with, which will help their customers avoid scams. in turn. They also actively pursue relationships to bring the best items to market in a timely manner.

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