Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Bitcoin! Interview With Guy Lane, CEO Of My Clean Sky

Caleb Chen @bitxbitxbitcoin
January 10, 2014

My Clean Sky, an innovative company out of Australia led by CEO Guy Lane, allows users around the world to offset their carbon emissions.  Every time you drive or take a plane from point A to point B, you are creating excess carbon and contributing to global warming.  In fact, every minute your computer runs, every time you download the blockchain: Carbon is emitted.  Most of us have accepted this fact and don’t think twice about it because not using cars, planes, or computers is not a possibility.  For those whom would still like to quiet their burning conscious, My Clean Sky provides an incredibly valuable carbon offset service: Offsetting refers to contractually connecting a client’s carbon footprint with carbon ‘abatement’ projects.

On January 8th, 2014, My Clean Sky announced that they had received their first Bitcoin payment for a carbon offset.  A Scandinavian man offset 6.5 tons of CO2 for a total of 0.10223 BTC using Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) generated from a hydropower plant.  The particular carbon footprint that said Scandinavian man was offsetting was an international flight: imagine his peace of mind as he slept on that plane!

I was able to catch up with CEO Guy Lane and have this interview to share with you Bitcoiners.  While I do not know the exact numbers of Bitcoiners that are also environmentalists, I think we can all agree that Bitcoiners as a lot are much
much more forward-facing than the general populace.  Consider offsetting your carbon footprint!

Offset Your Carbon Footprint With My Clean Sky

Who is your team?

My Clean Sky is led by myself and several contractors.  I have been in the carbon auditing business since 2002 and have established various green businesses over the years.  See more about my background:

What is your company’s mission?

My Clean Sky’s name is our mission: to keep the sky clean.  Nature knows best, she gave us 275 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere.  Since the industrial revolution, humans have added an additional 125 ppm (over 400ppm now).  My Clean Sky’s role is to help clean up the excess and prevent it from getting worse.

What is VCS?

VCS is Voluntary Carbon Standard.  This is one of the standards to create quality carbon credits.

When did this idea first come about?

I was first inspired to become a carbon offsetter in 2003 by a US firm called Planktos.  They were conducting experiments to promote marine plankton growth through a process called iron fertilization.  They were offering carbon offset certificates called Blue Green Tags (as in Blue Green Algae).  That was when I decided to establish an enterprise I tried a few different models before settling on that which I use today.

My Clean Sky was initially launched in 2007, specifically targeting air travel.  However, over time we have broadened our focus as we developed more carbon audit methodologies.  Now we can offset anything. Our motto is:

If you can emit it, we can measure it and offset it.

We have added some options on the website over the past few days:

Where is this hydropower station located?

Chongquin in central China. In China, most electricity comes from coal.  By funding a hydropower station, this provides clean energy that displaces carbon based coal energy.  As such, the hydropower station reduces total CO2 produced by the electricity network and earns one carbon credit for every tonne of CO2 it prevents.

Where are you all based?

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Beautiful one day, perfect the next.

Why do you believe that this is but the first of many transactions in the future?

Every time there is a polar vortex or a major bushfire or drought, the public understands that we have been harsh with the planet and that we need to change.  We need to conduct our global affairs in a manner that is consistent with nature – an aspiration is called the Blue Economy.  The best solution is to not produce carbon emissions in the first place.  However, on a planet powered by coal and oil, that requires a strategic approach towards renewable energy.

In the mean time, My Clean Sky can help mop up the carbon mess.

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