Interview With Eric Spano, CEO Of Bylls: Canada’s Bitcoin Bill Pay Service

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February 4, 2014
The ability to pay one’s bills using Bitcoin essentially allows for any item or service in the world to be paid for in Bitcoin.  The possibilities are endless and this is exactly the service that Eric Spano, the CEO of Bylls, is providing for his fellow Canadians.  Below is a quick interview with CEO Eric Spano of Bylls.
Bylls provides Canadians with a way to pay their Bills using Bitcoin
<CCN> When did you decide to pursue a Bitcoin Bill paying service?
<Eric Spano> Around last March, I decided that I wanted to work on a project that would help increase Bitcoin adoption and utility. Everyone always asks, “what can you do with Bitcoin?”, and a bill payment service would allow people to do a lot.
<CCN> What role did the Bitcoin Embassy play in Byll’s launch?
<Eric Spano> The Bitcoin Embassy was instrumental in offering space and technical resources to move my project forward. They introduced me to many different people in the Bitcoin community and were very helping in refining the business model of the project.
<CCN> What is the most interesting bill that y’all have had the honor to pay thus far?
<Eric Spano> The most interesting bill payment so far was the one where we processed someone’s municipal taxes!
<CCN> Where is the farthest corner of Canada that you have serviced?
<Eric Spano> Being based in Montreal, the farthest corner that we’ve serviced so far is British Columbia.
<CCN> How is your company setup to avoid the fate of
<Eric Spano> We work closely with a 3rd party payment processor that pays the bills on behalf of customers instead of relying on signing up each biller individually. This allows us to offer a larger variety of bill payments.
Thank you Eric for your time and the interview, check out more interviews from CCN here!
Other Bitcoin bill payment options, and why Canada has this function and you don’t.
Vault of Satoshi, a newcomer to the Canadian Bitcoin and altcoin for fiat Exchange field, has recently surpassed the chronically high-fee Cavirtex according to the oft quoted google search metrics.  Vault of Satoshi is also currently doing a private beta for their own bill payment service as well as pre-authorized debits of fiat using one’s debit card.
South of the border in the United States of America, we are able to use snapCard to pay our bill to the IRS, but not any other bills at this time.  The functionality is hopefully forthcoming as the snapCard team is hard at work and have even lowered their fees from 2% to 1%.  Many people remember and their tragic fate and thus are willing to wait for a regulatory compliant Bitcoin bill payment solution in their country.
As won’t as I am to cite Huff Post. they recently ran an article titled: Will Canada become the next “Silicon Valley of Bitcoins”? Very simply, the Canadian government’s attitude towards Bitcoin is much more fair and accommodating than the “few and far between” examples of accommodating guidance handed out by US government agencies.  With programs such as the Bitcoin Embassy launching heavily demanded products such as Bylls, Canada will undoubtedly have a large part to play in shaping Bitcoin’s future.

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