Interview With Dan Gul: AMT Skype Chat Customer1

Rick Mac Gillis @ManWithNoBrows
August 29, 2014

Joshua Zipkin’s leaked Skype chat with customers from his business, AMT, has gone viral, but its legitimacy has been in question until today. Dan Gul, you might remember him as “customer1” from the chat transcript, has come forth to discuss how the chat originated and his views on the chat in this exclusive interview. He is an outspoken member of the AMT community and claims he was once invited by Joshua to go into business together.


Interview With Dan Gul: AMT Skype Chat Customer1

You stated that the leaked Skype chat is real and that you were customer1 in the chat, correct? Are you willing to disclose your username?

Yes, opieum2

How did you start chatting with Josh?

I met him in person in April going to pick up what Josh knew was a defective miner though claimed otherwise at the time. I tried to help [fix] some of the technical issues at my own time and expense, again with Josh fully aware of the manufacturing problems.

We later started chatting in Skype. The purpose was to get a few technically minded people to solve the issues with the old bitmine design. I had been working on the software side, but in the end the issues turned out to be a hardware manufacturing defect.

To sum [it] up, I got to chatting [with him] and helping him so the customers (of which I am one) could get a resolution and for AMT to be in a position to honor the MPP.

Did you leak the chat? If not, do you know who did?

I did not, however I can validate everything leaked and can produce all the chats just the same as it was a group chat.

What do you know about Bruno Kucinskas who has posted the leaked transcript on his new account?

Not a whole lot, just that he focuses on exposing these kinds of tactics and scams in a comedic if vulgar fashion on a regular basis, it’s his thing. I don’t always agree with his approach, but we have a mutual respect about it.

I think despite the “nuclear-powered” approach he takes he gets results and genuinely seems interested in making sure people don’t get screwed over, all while providing some chuckles along the way.

How do you feel about the way Josh is treating his customers? What should he do differently in your opinion?

Poorly, his accountability right now is driven by [the] need to escape a lawsuit not [to] serve his customers, based on his phrasing in various posts and chats.

Based on the chats I’ve had I’m of the opinion he sees us all as inferior, stupid and fools. While he never said that directly to those of us in the chat, based on HOW he lied to us as well as the lies themselves, it seemed like it to me. Not to mention he has referred to his customers as poor. Draw what conclusions you will from that.

Simple points on what to improve, first to make this right he needs to compensate all the customers he wronged by honoring the MPP he advertised on his site as a feature of AMT. Secondly to stop lying to all of us. At this point in the game however where things are, it’s [darned] if you do, [darned] if you don’t. The BEST thing he can do is own this and pay his customers back the difference lost on the miners received or send them the equivalent amount of miners for their purchase price paid.

It’s the right thing to do and will allow him to move forward to recover [possibly] from this mess. It is something I’ve told him various times in Skype.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes. I would like to let the community who thought I was in cahoots with him understands that my goal was to make sure that Joshua Zipkin honored the MPP. Once that became unrealistic through diplomacy and technical as well as business assistance in the form of advice, then the leaks, I focused on making sure this was an opportunity for the community to be aware of what’s really going on. With all of the rivers of denials and censorship in the official thread, I’m glad this opportunity came to set the record straight and show the world who Josh Zipkin is through his words.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with AMT in any way.

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