Interview With Cryptonator: Real Time Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Now On iOS

April 29, 2014 19:41 UTC

Cryptonator is a real time Cryptocurrency app that brings a wealth of functionality to users for absolutely no cost.  Users can look up anyexchange rate and do direct conversions with just a few clicks.  When Cryptonator first launched, it was only available on the Google Chrome and thousands of cryptocurrency users flocked to it for its simple interface.  Cryptonator pulls data from exchanges to display the most accurate value of your cryptocurrency portfolio at any given minute.  Cryptonator supports over 300 digital currencies, and support for new cryptocurrencies is added automatically once they are listed on a functioning exchange.


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]oday, 4/29/14, Cryptonator has announced their iOS app which is now available for iPhone and iPads.  Again, like their Google Chrome functionality, there is no sort of login required to convert currencies.  Additionally, if you use Cryptonator’s app’s My Portfolio function, you simply enter in the amount of each cryptocurrency that you hold.  Cryptonator will then update its relative value every 30 seconds with fresh data pulled from the 20 most relevant cryptocurrency exchanges.

Check out the iOS app here.

I was lucky enough to get a short interview with Roman Boss of Cryptonator, check it out below.

Who is the Cryptonator Team? What else have y’all built?

We are a group of strong believers in cryptocurrency, inspired by the idea of decentralized payment system. Our developing background includes a large-scale web portal with an iPhone app, automobile online configurator and some other smaller projects.

If money, time, and expertise were not challenges, how would y’all change Cryptonator?

Cryptocurrencies are difficult. It takes time and efforts to get to understand what it is all about, how it works and how one can start using them. Few would argue that cryptocurrency today is a complex technology for mass adaptation. To expand beyond the crypto-geeks world’s borders, it needs number of simple and user-friendly solutions to be implemented into the system. We see our mission in making cryptocurrencies simple and easy to use for the majority of people. Starting with the converter, we will go on developing tools for websites willing to accept or already accepting digital money as a payment method. Since digital currencies are evolving very fast, making long-term planning is quite challenging. But as for now, we are pretty happy with our progress.

The cryptocommunity is very sensitive and has a tendency to polarize in a short period of time, how does Cryptonator plan to stay relevant within the community?

Well, if I am getting your question correctly, this is not an issue for us at all. We have built Cryptonator into the cryptocurrency infrastructure by connecting it to all key online exchanges. This allows us monitoring trends, increasing/decreasing volumes, new currencies etc. literately in real time, since we update trading information across many exchanges every 30 seconds. Analysis of this data would definitely help us focusing on trending cryptocurrencies and stay relevant with the cryptocommunity.

Are there any altcoins that you refuse to support?

Nope. We neither add nor delete cryptocurrencies. Cryptonator fetches data from online exchanges, so as soon as one of them adds new altcoin, it automatically appears in Cryptonator. Conversely, if none of the connected exchanges trades certain altcoin for the last 24 hours, it disappears from our index.

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