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Institutional Grade Crypto Platform Disrupts Hedge Fund and Wealth Management Trading


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The hedge fund industry manages over $3 tln globally, yet has almost none of that in the crypto space because hedge fund investors lack the institutional-grade tools necessary to buy, sell or invest in cryptocurrency. Most hedge funds cannot provide transparent, scalable, and secure transactions- hence the financial fraud attempts on institutions such as the Punjab National Bank.

Furthermore, many alternative asset class industries feature high management fees. Following the global financial crisis in 2008, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology emerged to bridge the gap and provide better solutions. Decentralization has become the norm. To cater to the needs of the modern hedge fund investor, Blockchain-based platform BCT has entered the market with a business model that aims to disrupt wealth management.

Cutting edge hedge fund applications powered by Blockchain

The Blockchain Terminal aims to develop powerful tools targeted at the hedge fund and wealth management industries. The end goal is to use Blockchain technology to develop apps that add a powerful layer of security to the highly complex process of handling cryptocurrency investments.

Emerging crypto-focused investment funds leverage complex tools to manage front-end and back-end operations- resources that are not at the disposal of conventional funds. The Blockchain Terminal plans to provide these tools, thus adding assurance and value to institutions that want to jump on the Blockchain bandwagon.

Hedge funds entering the crypto market

BCT is a premier platform that aims to connect hedge funds and aspiring crypto investors. The new project combines data from the main cryptocurrency exchanges, information on upcoming ICOs, and news from social media, blogs and publications. The hardware powering this Blockchain terminal paints the perfect picture of the cryptocurrency market.

ComplianceGuard is the proprietary technology lying at the heart BCT. It features a robust compliance framework that goes beyond today’s most rigorous hedge fund requirements. Twenty hedge funds have already installed ComplianceGuard as part of the BCT pilot installation program.

Blockchain Terminal core features

BCT is backed up by several core features that make it unique. Exchange integration is a feature that leverages ComplianceGuard technology to showcase data on over 1,400 cryptocurrencies. To create a transaction accountability layer, users are provided with role-based identities that ensure trust through the BCT identity verification feature.

The platform’s app ecosystem is aimed at third-party app developers that can join The Blockchain Terminal and create tools that cater to the needs of both traditional and crypto-oriented assets without breaching existing compliance requirements.

With the BCT open app store, the platform brings apps powered by Blockchain onto the screens of its users. By powering the ecosystem with intuitive applications, BCT is looking to build a community connecting developers, hedge funds, and wealth management institutions in a single place.

The two tokens powering BCT

The BCT ecosystem is powered by two coexisting tokens. The Terminal’s ledger is powered by a native utility BCT token, whereas the ERC20-compliant token acts as an entitlement and subscription medium to the services offered by the native BCT.

The purpose of the two tokens is to work together and make sure all activities happening on BCT are secure and transparent. The end goal is to ensure the proper functioning of the Terminal. In order to perform transactions, access or develop applications, users will have to register and acquire BCT tokens.

The  BCT public pre-sale is live until March 31. Following the pre-sale, the public sale will begin on April 1 and close April 15.

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