February 22, 2016 7:55 PM UTC

Inspiration For The Blockchain In a U.S. Election Year: The ‘Trumpchain’

Tired of the establishment blockchain calling the shots? Looking for new blood that will make the blockchain great again? Fear not! Donald Trump will make the blockchain great again. Take it from Trumpchain.

It takes a U.S. election to bring out the easy answers to our serious problems, be it the nation’s economy, the global economy or the blockchain. Fortunately, Americans have Donald Trump to thank for a dose of constant Twitter-parody inspiration. The Donald has shown Americans via Twitter that they have nothing to fear about anything as long as he’s in charge. Why should the case be any different for the blockchain?

Trumpchain offers blockchain observers a Trumpian perspective to the challenges facing the blockchain. It’s a Markov chain bot that mixes Trump tweets and speeches with observations about the blockchain. Take a peek.

One theme is about the nation’s tremendous potential:

Another theme is the fact that alternative leaders are “out playing golf”:

Trump is quick to take credit for competitors copying him:

He always points out the foolhardy investments previous leaders have made:

The threat of Islamic terrorism is ongoing:

Competitors’ attempts to set the record straight are always fodder for criticism:

Personal attacks on competitors are constant:

He’s always an expert on other peoples’ unsolvable problems:

Trump always knows his critics’ motives:

Trump didn’t hesitate to weigh in on the Apple/FBI conflict:

Past failures of the Supreme Court have been rampant according to Trump:

Possible pending solutions to problems have no chance:

Trump is full of love for the voters:

The U.S./Mexican border issue is a constant theme:

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Lester Coleman

Lester Coleman is a media relations consultant for the payments and automated retailing industries.

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