Innovations Catalyst iPRONTO Launches Blockchain-Bridge for New Ideas to Meet New Investors

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A new virtual incubation hub, iPRONTO, has emerged, hoping to attract the very best talents and entrepreneurial ideas, bringing them together with an array of prospecting investors to facilitate the fast creation of innovative startups.

The blockchain-based platform will also enable all participants to freely access related business development and startup services, at once removing the hindrance of entrepreneurial growth typically faced locally due to diverse geographic, economic and political limitations.

At the heart of iPRONTO is the belief that opportunity should be the domain of all innovators, regardless of existing circumstance. Recognizing, however, that not all opportunities have equal footing, iPRONTO’s mission is to assist the very best ideas to grow within a conducive environment, allowing them to achieve the full potentials they deserve.

Incubating Ideas with Care

The iPRONTO platform is a one-stop solution that is built to contain a comprehensive offering of services relevant to both entrepreneurs and early adopters, designed to nurture mere ideas into actualized products. Within its start-up ecosystem, entrepreneurs are able to interact with the full spectrum of incubating bodies: from investors and government organizations to legal and regulatory services. All stakeholders will benefit from the transparency afforded by the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure, secured in the knowledge that all data shared is protected by sophisticated cryptography.

Beyond facilitating stakeholder connections, iPRONTO intends to form an integral part of idea validation, offering guidance and other services through other system stakeholders. It will produce a portfolio of curated and incubated start-ups – in essence, a structured form of due diligence resource that can be examined by venture capital firms and investors, including verified documentation and relevant information stored on the blockchain.

A Process Made Easy

The process is a simple matter for entrepreneurs or innovators, who only need to submit their business idea to the platform. It is just as easy for investors, who only need to access the platform to view the list of submitted ideas and select the best according to their criteria.

The list of submitted ideas will only contain the very best business concepts that meet standards of viability and documentation check list, all stored on blockchain for any investor to verify. Start ups can also choose to engage stakeholders through the platform, be it to obtain licenses or to ensure regulatory compliance in their planned jurisdiction.

To meet further possible requirements from investors, start-ups can even access allied services such as marketing, legal, HR and financial expertise. All interactions are automatically executed by smart contracts, ensuring minimum delays in processing time and immutable data storage of all activities that will greatly help with auditing and credibility.

Once established as a powerhouse for incubation able to be plugged directly into any existing innovation program globally, iPRONTO has plans to augment its ecosystem with a peer-to-peer crypto exchange, a cryptofund and licensing.

The iPRONTO Coin & Token Sale

The iPRONTO Coin (IPR) will be the digital asset native to the platform, powering all interactions within it. Aside from a method of payment and value transfer, IPR will also facilitate a community voting mechanism that allows users to have a say in the platform’s future direction. Additionally, IPR token holders stand to share the revenues generated by iPRONTO.

The iPRONTO token sale is now live and welcomes the general public to participate. Early contributors will receive a range of bonuses and incentives as details on the official website, while supporters can receive more value for taking part in its promotional campaigns (bounty program).

For more information about iPRONTO, visit its website or read its technical whitepaper.

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