Inaugural Crypto Cup Competition to Take Place at Watford’s Vicarage Road

Dubbed the Crypto Cup, the event will be graced by several notable guest speakers from the blockchain and crypto industry, along with entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts.
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March 6, 2020 1:45 AM UTC
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Watford Football Club, the conquerors of Liverpool FC, have announced, in conjunction with their shirt sponsor, crypto sportsbook, a crypto meetup cum football competition to mark the end of the English Premier League season this May 16th.

Dubbed the Crypto Cup, the event will be graced by several notable guest speakers from the blockchain and crypto industry, along with entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts, all gathered to talk about what’s hot and what’s pressing surrounding the crypto community.

Watford FC Commercial Director Paul O’Brien noted that this would be the first time an event of the sort would be organized. The event was in a way organized to pay tribute to the crypto community who have had the privilege throughout the Premier League season to come and watch the Watford team play football at its home ground at Vicarage Road, thanks to the partnership with and its Bitcoin jersey sponsorship. He commented:

“Now in May, we will support this partnership with a special day which will allow the crypto community to play at the Vic, whilst immersing themselves in discussions, education and fun.”

Football has become a major new platform to promote the concept of cryptocurrencies, with various crypto-linked companies sponsoring teams all around the world. Watford’s unique sponsorship sees the Bitcoin logo featured prominently on the sleeve, with Sportsbet catapulting the awareness of Bitcoin into the global consciousness every time Watford comes out to play in the Premier League, one of the world’s most-watched sporting event. Watford has also welcomed the use of Bitcoin in its online store, prompting Tim Heath, CEO, to talk up the Crypto Cup 2020 event. Heath said:

“After witnessing what an impact football sponsorship has had on raising awareness for cryptocurrency, we’re really looking forward to taking it even further with Watford FC. Being part of the conversation on the day with both fans and experts, exploring what the future of crypto adoption looks like and enjoying the Vicarage Road experience is a brilliant opportunity for all involved.” 

Apart from the meetup, the Crypto Cup is a round-robin footie tourney that will take place on the home turf of English Premier League football team, Watford, at Vicarage Road, seeing partners fielding teams for a charitable cause. Prior to kick-off, a Watford legend will deliver a team talk to each team.

To find out more details about Crypto Cup 2020, visit the official website to get tickets, see speaker lists and more!

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Last modified: June 12, 2020 1:44 PM UTC

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