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If Jennifer Lopez Has a Secret Stalker, the Prime Suspect Will Shock You

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
  • Jennifer Lopez recently took a picture of herself post-workout.
  • The selfie also featured one hidden detail, a mysterious figure leaning in the background.
  • While some fans have worried about the figure, it’s probably much more mundane than they expect.

Social media can warp your perspective. Just look at how upset people get over trivial stuff on Twitter. In the case of Jennifer Lopez, her fans noticed a small detail in the background of one of her selfies . They then proceeded to ‘freak out.’

It looks like there’s a face behind J Lo. Many thought this was creepy. Perhaps she was even being stalked, harassed, or even worse.

The internet is blowing this way out of proportion. This figure has an easily explainable source.

Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Isolating Alone

Recently, a few news outlets did a story about Jennifer Lopez self-isolating . As well as covering the appearance and features of their beautiful home, these stories detailed the fact that J Lo’s fiance, Alex Rodriguez, is also with her during the lockdown.

If you take a picture of Alex Rodriguez and superimpose it over the figure in the background, it’s a solid match. The head is tilted back, but the eye and nose shapes match perfectly.

It’s reasonable to assume it’s just Alex photobombing his fiance’s Instagram pic. It’s not some Mark David Chapman-esque deadly stalker about to pounce on Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez - Fans Reaction Tweets
Although some people are curious about what exactly is going on, most of them aren’t exactly ‘freaking out.’ | Source: Twitter 

Hopefully, People Weren’t Taking This Too Seriously

Despite what headlines would have you believe , it’s unlikely that anyone was concerned here. Most places like the Jennifer Lopez’s mansion, probably have good security.

It seems unlikely that a murderous stalker would have let J Lo post the picture before he could get to her. If you were breaking into someone’s house to murder them, would you let them chill on social media in the meantime?

It seems like Jennifer Lopez is perfectly safe. You don’t need to call her local police department, just tell her husband to stop being creepy.

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