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If ‘Fortnite Fatigue’ Is Fake, Epic Games Picked a Dumb Way to Prove It

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • A recent report from SuperData revealed that Fortnite’s revenue is trapped in a punishing decline.
  • Epic Games claimed that those statistics are inaccurate.
  • If that’s true, Epic can clear up the controversy by doing one simple thing.

The Fortnite revenue controversy continues to heat up, with Epic Games slamming a report that alleges the battle royale giant is locked in a punishing sales decline .

According to GameIndustry.biz, Epic torched the “wildly inaccurate” SuperData statistics . Curiously, CEO Tim Sweeney had touted reports from the same source as recently as last month.

Tim Sweeney - Tweets About Fortnite
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney seemed fine with SuperData as recently as last month. | Source: Twitter 

In any case, if Epic Games is telling the truth about Fortnite’s revenue trends, there’s an easy way to clear this scandal up.

Share the real numbers.

Epic Games Should Be More Transparent in Its Fortnite Defense

If “Fortnite fatigue” is bunk, Epic Games could prove it quite easily. | Source: Epic Games/YouTube 

There are obvious reasons that Epic desires to defend Fortnite.

First, they want the company to appear stable and profitable, which is more difficult when analysts claim their cash cow is heading in the wrong direction.

Second, they don’t want their trend-chasing audience catching wind that Fortnite’s zeitgeist dominance is over.

So if they’re right, and SuperData’s data aren’t all that, well, super, they have no compelling reason not to publish the accurate statistics. Hell, it would probably do them a lot of good in the long run.

But it doesn’t seem like they’re going to take the transparent approach. An Epic Games representative indicated that they do not share revenue numbers for Fortnite. And it doesn’t sound like they’re planning to change that in the future.

It’s Hard to Dispute That Gamers Are Losing Interest

Epic Games can deny Fortnite is declining all they want, but there’s a growing mound of evidence that “Fortnite fatigue” has finally begun to set in.

For instance, fewer people are tuning into Fortnite celebrity events , and Google search volume is also on the decline. It’s difficult to believe that these trends would have zero correlation with revenue.

No matter what, Fortnite seems to be shrinking. And until Epic Games publishes statistics that prove otherwise, I see no reason to doubt SuperData.

After all, Tim Sweeney doesn’t. So why should we?

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