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Idiocracy? Senate Nixes Witnesses to Acquit Trump Before Super Bowl

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:31 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:31 PM
  • Sources close to Mitch McConnell say the GOP has enough votes to block witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial.
  • Multiple Republicans say they’re hoping to acquit Trump within 48 hours. That’ll put him in the clear by his State of the Union Address on Tuesday.
  • But Senate Democrats are whispering that Trump wants the impeachment trial over in time for the Super Bowl.

Democrats seem unable to rally enough votes to call witnesses for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. And two sources familiar with the matter say McConnell now has the votes to block witnesses . If so, the GOP could move the trial to a vote right away.

But there are dueling narratives about the imminent vote.

Republicans say they want this over by the State of the Union Address. Democrats say Donald Trump just wants it to be over in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Senate GOP to Clear Trump by State of the Union

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) tells Fox News:

Look this is shutting the Senate down. We’ve heard all the evidence now. It’s become very repetitive, as you could see last night. It’s time to move to a vote on acquittal as soon as possible.

Multiple Republicans tell ABC News they’re hoping to vote within the next two days . That would clear the president of the two House charges against him before he addresses Congress Tuesday. It will be Trump’s third State of the Union Address.

But Democrats are saying Donald Trump’s got the Super Bowl on his mind.

Former Senator: Trump Sets Super Bowl Deadline for Impeachment Trial Acquittal

donald trump impeachment trial acquit witnesses vote super bowl
Sources: Twitter 

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) says Trump wants the impeachment trial over by the Super Bowl, MSNBC’s Joy Reid reported last week.

She deadpans:

That apparently is his constitutionally-significant, sober, grownup timeline.

Reid doesn’t seem to think Donald Trump has his priorities straight. But his priorities are probably in a line with a lot of his supporters. It’s the Super Bowl.

The House has already had a chance to call witnesses. And we already know how the Senate’s going to vote.

Claire McCaskill has been hamming up NFL football on Twitter herself. She changed her profile pick to the Kansas City Chiefs logo. Thursday morning, she tweeted out a replay of Patrick Mahomes’ unbelievable touchdown run in the AFC title game .

But she forgot to delete this tweet from just nine days ago, hating on the Super Bowl and bragging that she was going to watch Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” instead:

She’s just posing as a football fan to endear herself to her fellow Americans.

But if her accusations against Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are true, that’s what real NFL fandom looks like. The voters Don Lemon laughed at totally get it.

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