iDice Ethereum Dice Announces Crowdsale after Beta generates $200,000 USD Profit in First 2 Months

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Los Angeles, June 6, 2017– iDice, the world’s first mobile gambling app, has announced its upcoming iDice ICO on June 16. In less than ten days, the fastest growing Ethereum dice game will be offering tokens of their platform (currently in beta) to investors.

The iDice beta has already generated nearly $200,000 USD worth of Ether in user profits without any marketing or promotion. Some are calling it an overnight success.

“I think that the reason why we took off is because of our platforms smooth and reliable user experience. It just goes to show the potential of what a highly optimized Dice blockchain can do.”

The iDice team is hoping to capitalize on the quick success and attention with their upcoming ICO, with plans to release their mobile app shortly afterwards.

iDice’s timing is perfect as Ethereum’s market cap is quickly catching up with Bitcoin, while its services are still underdeveloped. This is a prime opportunity for crowdfund investors to get in on the growth of Ethereum, even after its massive price rise. Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the industry right now. It is already over half of Bitcoin’s market cap, and it’s not slowing down at all.

iDice Founder and CEO, Jordan Wong said:

“Ethereum is very exciting. Just a year ago, its market cap was only a fraction of bitcoin’s. Now its worth more than half.”

iDice is an Ethereum dice game created as a decentralized application on top of the blockchain. Users send bets to the service, and it generates a random result, which decides if the player won or lost the bet. The application is provably fair and all bets can be verified. The entire process is automatic, and there is no need for any manual intervention.

iDice’s contract is fully open source on the blockchain, and provides everyone a high degree of transparency. Traditional casinos, including Bitcoin dice games have been unable to provide such a level of transparency. This ensures that funds cannot be held by a third party for use in other manners. Furthermore, a contract that is published on the blockchain cannot be removed or modified by people. This eliminates any risk of hacking, or stealing by a third party.

Up until 2013, almost all bitcoin transactions were related to the iconic dice game SatoshiDICE. Today, over 50% of all bitcoin transactions are gambling related. Jordan is confident that iDice will become the next SatoshiDICE with its upcoming mobile app.

“Gambling Dapps that already exist are neglecting a huge market of mobile app users. Roughly 57% of all internet activity take place on mobile phones. I think there’s a huge untapped market with high potential for success. We’re the only ones making a mobile app for blockchain gambling and we’re months ahead of the competition in that aspect. We’ll have a monopoly on the mobile app sector.”

The mobile development of the iDice platform is key in iDice’s success. iDice is not a competitor to the many pre-existing gambling Dapps. It’s the next revolution in blockchain gambling.

The timing of the crowdsale launch is in less than 10 days. The supply is highly limited, and investors speculate that it will sell out very fast.

“This is going to be another one-hour-sold-out ICO”


iDice tokens are similar to preferred shares of a company. Token holders will be distributed a portion of iDice’s profit that is proportional to the total number of tokens.

The funds raised from the crowdsale will be used to fund the house bankroll and push iDice development out of its beta. One of the most popular points is their mobile application which is released early Q4 of this year. Token holders will be able to claim profits from the iDice mobile app. The roadmap has plans to introduce more games on top of the blockchain, including Blackjack and Poker. The iDice crowdsale is poised to be a big hit, with their announcement on bitcointalk already making waves.