I’d Rather Resident Evil 8 Was Better, Not Bigger

Resident Evil 8 is apparently going to be the longest RE Engine game to date, and that’s not really saying that much about its quality.
Resident Evil 8
Resident Evil 8: Village will be longest game in the franchise developed on the RE Engine - but that won't be enough. | Source: Capcom
  • Industry insider Dusk Golem has claimed that Resident Evil 8 will be the longest RE Engine game to date.
  • The comments came in response to a fan complaining about the short length of the recent Resi 3 remake.
  • In the long run, how long Resi 8 is will have nothing to do with how enjoyable the game is.

Games industry insider Dusk Golem revealed that Resident Evil 8 is going to be “the longest RE Engine game to date”. The nugget came in response to gamers’ complaints about the length vs. cost of Resi 3 Remake.

Just because a game is longer – with a higher budget and more development – doesn’t make it better. I’d much rather have a decent game that lasts for four hours, than a mediocre game that lasts for ten.

Resident Evil 8 - Dusk Golem Tweets
Dusk Golem bought up the length of the game because someone was upset about the comparatively short length of Resi 3 Remake. | Source: Twitter

Size Doesn’t Matter

Resident Evil 8 is an essential title in the up-down cycle of Resi games. It needs to break Capcom’s usual routine of shabby-clones. If it follows the trend and fails as an unworthy sequel that’s merely a clone with a few tweaks, the fault will lie in game design, not game length.

Promising a longer game is only a good thing with excess time and no taste. You’d be better off trying to guarantee that Resi 8 is going to be the best quality RE engine game to date, though that might be a bit harder to quantify even for an insider.

The Resident Evil 8 trailer sure does look shiny, in the video below:

Resident Evil 8 Will Live or Die on Its Own Merits

How well Capcom will do with Resident Evil 8  will depend on the freedom and creativity afforded to their team. The reason that Resi 7 was successful was that it was allowed to stray from the formula that spat out Resi 6 nearly a decade ago.

The promise of a longer game is pointless if it doesn’t offer improvements in mechanics, design, and new innovations in what is likely to be a more expansive game. The problem, however, is Resi 7’s success raises the possibility of the pivot becoming Resident Evil 8’s formula to follow.

Resident Evil 8 is certain to look a visual treat, but it needs much more going for it. | Source: Capcom

In fairness to Dusk Golem, he wasn’t trying to say that being longer would make Resi 8 better. He was responding to a specific complaint from one particular fan about previous titles in the series. Either way, so far, Resi 8 looks like Resi 7 with not-werewolves and a cameo from Chris Redfield.

Why am I not confident that either of those things is a good sign?

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