How ICObazaar Is Streamlining the Initial Coin Offering Experience

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are taking financial markets by storm. In 2017 alone, ICOs have helped developers raise more than $1 billion in funding and enabled the public to invest in digital tokens at the ground floor for the potential to reap huge profits down the road.

Unfortunately, the ICO experience has often been lacking. With ICOs launching every day, it’s hard for the average person to keep track of them all and decide which ones he or she wants to support. With some ICOs lasting 24 hours or less, it’s easy to miss out on the action. Moreover, developer-managed ICOs often restrict which cryptocurrencies people can use to contribute, and obtaining your tokens after the crowdsale is over can be a huge headache.

ICO promotion has also been difficult for developers. Unless your platform gets noticed by a media outlet, it is hard to share your idea with the public and get them excited about your innovative ideas. As a result, your crowdsale campaigns don’t perform as well as they should.

Enter ICObazaar.

ICObazaar Revolutionizes Crypto Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter revolutionized finance by allowing creators to pitch their product ideas directly to the public rather than to a financier. Similarly, ICObazaar aims to streamline crypto crowdfunding by enabling the community to grow around a central ICO participation platform where creators and supporters can find one another and work together to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

How ICObazaar Benefits Contributors

ICObazaar is a community-focused ICO participation platform that gives access to ICO campaigns at every stage of fundraising. On the ICObazaar website, you can browse and research current, future, and past ICO crowdsales.

ICObazaar simplifies the participation process, so you can contribute to the crowdsales using ETH, BTC, or any of the variety of altcoins accepted on the platform.

ICObazaar often partners with creators to give supporters early access to their crowdsales so they can claim their tokens before the rest of the public. For select campaigns, ICObazaar even enables supporters to contribute after the crowdsale has officially closed. Thanks to ICObazaar, you have a second chance to secure your tokens before they become tradeable on exchanges. This means that you have more time to consider your options and participate in any crowdsale on the ICObazaar platform.

After supporting a project, you can view your token-pledges in your user profile. As soon as tokens become transferable, you can withdraw them directly from your ICObazaar profile to your personal wallet.

How ICObazaar Benefits Creators

ICObazaar makes the crowdsale process a breeze for developers. Just fill out a form explaining the details of your project and upload important documents such as your whitepaper. Now, supporters will be able to find and contribute to your project much more easily.

A myriad of projects have already reaped the benefits of ICObazaar:

DENT joined ICObazaar to help promote and fund its innovative mobile data exchange project. It raised nearly $5 million during its crowdsale, and, though the public ICO is over, ICObazaar users still have the opportunity to contribute.


InvestFeed, the world’s first cryptocurrency social network built on the Ethereum blockchain, also turned to ICObazaar to give its crowdsale a momentum boost:

We appreciate how robust and detail-oriented the [ICObazaar] platform is. We want to make sure our potential contributors have all the information they require in regard to InvestFeed.

The InvestFeed ICO does not end until August 6, but its creators have already shattered their funding goal and are approaching their contribution cap.


Spectiv’s ICO does not launch for another 11 days, but they have already listed their crowdsale on ICObazaar so that supporters can learn about the project ahead of time.


Join ICObazaar Today

ICObazaar is the crowdsale participation platform we have been waiting for. Whether you are a supporter or creator, this platform will give you the resources you need to help make your ambitious ideas a reality. You can register on their website with just an email address or Facebook account, so don’t waste any more time. Join the ICObazaar community today.

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