This ICO Utilizes the Power of Blockchain for Crowdfunding

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Hackspace Capital is venture capital fund which taps into the potential of blockchain technologies to disrupt the industry leaders in crowdfunding like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe. A welcome change in the atmosphere of ICOs which are filled with testnet and just a white paper to show for, having raised millions of dollars in token investments.

What does Hackspace Capital Do?

It’s a capital fund which examines potential start-ups with the sole focus of providing them full guidance during the project’s growth life cycle. Hackspace Capital Fund supports them with the organization of administrative procedures, provides legal supervision, marketing via its associated businesses, business consulting, R&D, scientific research, engineering development and arrangements for mass production.

Hackspace Capital assists the startup in branding of the product, building unprecedented digital media content, deploying a marketing campaign for a “loud launch” of the product on the global market, likely planning and accomplishing a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (for market response and analysis); implementing viral media campaigns and direct promotion of the product in physical and digital media space.

What does Hackspace Capital’s Portfolio Look like?

One of the earliest startups which were backed by the Hackspace Capital – HandEnergy, raised over $120,000 on numerous crowdfunding platforms, receiving more than 10 million views on its videos and featured by The Telegraph, BBC, Mashable, etc..

With a purpose of further developing technology innovations and establishing a firm stronghold in this sector, they have an impressive portfolio of projects such as innovational energy generator, smart cup, conditioner, sleep capsule, smart pourer, drone, powered exoskeleton and many more.

How do they identify their investment opportunities?

In such a flooded market, it can be tricky to find that one product that has true real world applications and is almost ready for mass production. Here is where Hackspace Capital’s partnership with EnCata comes in. Founded in 2016, EnCata is the global company with offices in all around the world. It has branches in Russia, Estonia, Oman, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia and Canada; and within the next few months new representative offices will be established in Belgium and USA. Currently contracting over 200 engineers, they are the best when it comes to directing a start-up plan from only a good idea to a mass deployment product that is ready.

Hackspace Capital has a test before they decide to invest in any possible projects, in other words, the startup needs to bring to market their first product as well as build a capital above $500,000 through seed investments. Hackspace Capital carries out due diligence about the project and the team behind it. If everything seems promising, they are finally accepted to receive the full backing of Hackspace capital and their partner Encata.

Another contingency before the finalizing of Hackspace Capital’s investment is that they should have operated with Encata for up to six months. This enables the Hackspace team, in addition to the Encata, assess their resolution in addition to the prospect of their team to suceed.

Why should I invest in it?

In Kickstarter campaigns, the uncertainty of the end product being delivered is high because most lack the guidance or of the minds behind the product often drop interest. HAC holders will also receive a benefit of getting priority access in the stages of their product development.

HAC token holders are also free to exchange their tokens on other exchanges for fiat money or cryptocurrencies or offer them on the platform of the fund. The purchase price of HAC token will be decided at the conclusion of each session and is not set.

The Hackspace Capital Fund also acts as an online platform/shop, where users can procure products and services developed, maintained and offered by fund’s start-ups. Buyers of HAC tokens will have the long-spun benefit to exchange tokens on the Hackspace platform at a 20% discount to the market price for products and services provided by the Hackspace network of companies three months prior the official market entry.

When is it occurring?

To the general public, 51 percent of all tokens will be available for purchase on 19th of September 21:00 (Singapore Time), under the symbol HAC. There will be 12 sale sessions in total; the individual session will last for 24 hours and will be performed during a year. Token supply’s complete number is 1 Billion.

Are the HAC tokens distributed?

While 39% is allocated to the fund’s already existing as well as future projects, 51% of all tokens are publicly available for purchase. 5% of the tokens are reserved for advisers, consultants, marketing needs of the capital as well as bounties. To maintain long-term interests, 5% of tokens will be owned by Hackspace Capital Fund’s founders and employees.

You can visit for more details on this upcoming ICO.

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