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ICO Azbit Announces Public Sale of AZS Security Tokens

Last Updated May 3, 2023 10:09 AM
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Last Updated May 3, 2023 10:09 AM
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From 14-16 May, New York hosted the Consensus 2018 blockchain technology summit, and the Azbit Limited team attended as one of the main sponsors. We had a large booth centrally located within the exhibition space. The Azbit trade and investment financial ecosystem announced a Pre-ICO round, to run from 1-31 July.


The Azbit project has been under EU jurisdiction from the start, and the Azbit Shares (AZS) token issued in the ICO will be a security token. In total, 4,300,000,000 AZS will be issued. For all the project’s investors, these tokens will act like stocks, and the calculations of their dividends from the ecosystem’s operations will be based on them.

At the same time, the Azbit utility token (AZ) will serve as an internal means to make payments and receive discounts. This distinction will make it possible to avoid legal wranglings over the functional purpose of our tokens. The platform will gradually buy back and subsequently destroy the AZ tokens.

A Pre-ICO bounty of from 5 to 2 percent will be available.

The Azbit platform

The platform aims to bring tried and tested financial trading and investment instruments to the cryptocurrency industry through Azbit’s unified ecosystem.


The Azbit platform’s core features will include:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • An investment platform
  • A banking structure
  • An electronic payment system

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The Azbit platform will have two cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Azbit Pro — an EU-regulated crypto exchange for trading security tokens and fiat-crypto pairs
  • Azbit Global — an unregulated crypto exchange for global trading in crypto assets

Investment platform

One of the key features of the Azbit platform is an investment platform offering a system for traders and investors to interact. Users will have access to the following trading and investment instruments proven and popular in the forex market:

  • RAMM accounts or copy trading — automatic copying of the trading strategies of successful cryptocurrency traders
  • SAMM accounts — entrustment of financial management to a trader specialising in cryptocurrency margin trading
  • Portfolio management — investment in traders’ cryptocurrency portfolios


The Bank’s basic role is to support all the Azbit ecosystem services, reduce internal operating expenses and increase profit.

Having a single ecosystem will mean faster and less expensive KYC procedures, and will also make it cheaper to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies in these services.

Electronic payment system

Our own e-payment system will provide support and processing for all the Azbit platform’s online and cryptocurrency payments.

Users will be able to trade under the exchange and work with fiat currencies through the bank, and to make all their payments with Azbit’s unified financial ecosystem — quickly, inexpensively and securely.


The features of the Azbit exchange will make use of the existing features of the Bitsane platform (Main Core / Datastore, Order processing cluster: internal matching engine, external matching engine).

To attract more new clients, the Azbit team has put together a partner program. The project’s partners will be able to receive up to 10% of the amount of investment raised, in tokens or ETH.

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