IBM to Unveil Bitcoin Blockchain Internet of Things Proof-of-Concept at CES in 2015

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October 25, 2014

It was just last month that IBM’s plans for an “Internet of things” architecture that would feature Bitcoin blockchain technology were revealed. IBM’s planned project, called Adept, utilizes three distinct technologies including the blockchain, TeleHash, and BitTorrent. IBM’s head of mobile and internet Paul Brody is the “VP of the Internet of Things” and is in charge of the project. 

In a recent talk with Gigaom at their Structure Connect event in San Francisco, Brody further explained his vision for the Internet of Things and he emphasized that developers should welcome open-source systems with open arms. The Adept project is being launched by IBM’s Institute for Business Value and will be released on Github to stay true to Brody’s open-source vision.

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The Internet of Things Will Be Open Source

Following the initial reveal by IBM of Adept, seen as a mark of approval from a tech giant regarding open source blockchain technology, the internet of things has gone through “a classic bubble phase,” according to Brody. Given the big names behind the budding concept, some have treated it as a panacea for the world’s technological problems, as opposed to its true form as a series of thus-far-undiscovered innovations. Brody explained his belief:

I’m a big believer that the internet of things will grow one very compelling use case at a time.

Connecting everyday devices to the internet is not how the internet of things should be handled. In fact, there are many economic reasons that the envisioned internet of things does not involve a cloud back end at all. In order for the internet of things to be effective, say in a “smart house,” the longevity of both the software and the devices themselves is important to the viability of the new system; thus, open-source systems are required. He further extrapolated by suggesting that companies attempting to monetize new business models that feature the internet of things seek to “create little monopolies one at a time.” Similar words were uttered by PayPal’s Peter Thiel recently as well.

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