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Hypocrite: Why Trump Needs to STFU About the ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ Scandal

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:38 PM
Paul de Havilland
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:38 PM

Donald Trump is reveling in hypocrisy by taunting ‘Creepy Joe Biden.’ Given his own record of allegations of sexual misconduct and disturbing statements about his own daughter, the president might be wise to tread cautiously.

Joe Biden Facing Pressure After Accusations

Four women have recently accused Joe Biden of making them feel uncomfortable by touching them in an overly familiar way. One is Lucy Flores, who claims he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her head.

The former Nevada state legislator was disappointed in Biden’s lack of contrition in his response on Twitter, which lacked an unreserved apology .

Joe Biden’s actions are indefensible and must be met with a sincere apology. As Nancy Pelosi put it , Biden:

“has to understand that in the world we are in now people’s space is important to them.”

The talking heads at Fox have weighed in, citing “dozens and dozens of pictures and videos” of Biden acting inappropriately:

Donald Trump Revels in Hypocrisy to Taunt Biden

The pro-Trump Great America PAC has created an attack ad on one of the Democrats’ possible nominees for the 2020 presidential campaign:

And Trump himself has weighed in, delighting in seeing a potential 2020 rival struggle through the controversy:

The Trump camp wants to tread carefully. The litany of sexual misconduct allegations that have long mired the president hardly place him in a position of righteousness. While Republicans have every right to be scathing of Joe Biden’s actions, they need to be reminded their leader’s background makes for sickening reading – and that doesn’t even include his laughable policies and history as a serial bankruptcy filer .

Donald Trump has faced a number of allegations of inappropriate conduct with women. These include entering the dressing rooms of teenage contestants during a Miss Teen USA competition and his alleged affair with adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels , which he tried to cover up.

The list of women  who have spoken out with accusations of sexual impropriety, groping, harassment, lewd comments, non-consensual embraces, and kissing against Trump is long, outscoring Joe Biden on the ‘creepy’ front by a significant margin.

Going back to the early eighties, known accusations leveled at the leader of the free world have come from Jessica Leeds, Mindy McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, an anonymous friend of CNN’s Erin Burnett, Miss USA contestant Temple Taggart, Kristin Anderson, former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos, Cathy Heller, Jill Harth , and adult film performer and director Jessica Drake.

Trump denies every single allegation.

And Let’s Not Forget the Access Hollywood Video

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, an Access Hollywood video revealed Trump admitting it was easy to “grab” women by the “p***y”.

Trump denied the voice was his, before retracting the denial and apologizing.

Add his questionable comments about his daughter Ivanka over a number of years, and Trump’s cringe-worthy past places him in a dubious position from which to be launching broadsides at Joe Biden:

Creepy Joe Biden’s antics may prove to be the end of the former veep’s presidential aspirations, but the man who has taken the lead in antagonizing him has an appalling record of serious allegations in the past. Donald Trump has perhaps never learned not to throw stones in glass houses.