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How You Can Help Kelly Ripa’s Son Escape from ‘Extreme Poverty’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:13 PM

Kelly Ripa’s son, Michael, is having a hard time. After moving out of Ripa’s $27 million townhouse  in Manhattan, 8 miles away to Brooklyn, he’s apparently experiencing “extreme poverty.” He can now join the 38 million other Americans  living paycheck to paycheck (or worse), though most of them don’t have a mother worth more than $120 million.  

Kelly Ripa’s Flubbed Kimmel Interview

The daytime-television host appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week and explained the dire situation:

“I think he loves the freedom. He hates paying his own rent and he’s chronically poor. I don’t think he ever really experienced extreme poverty like now.”

It’s unclear if Ripa was serious or just going for a laugh. Unfortunately, the laughs, much like her son’s struggles, were hard to come by. It felt like a satirical scene straight out of the movie “The Joker.” 

She quickly moved on to talk about how her 22-year-old son now anxiously awaits $20 Halloween gifts from his grandparents in order to “have electricity.” This time, she tried to fill in the empty space with her own laugh. It seems as though the Kimmel audience is sharp enough to know that in New York City, it costs about $20 just to wake up in the morning.

I personally feel very bad for Ripa and her destitute son. If only there was some way we could help…

Thankfully, Twitter had some suggestions.

Twitter Rushes to Help $120 Million Ripa’s Impoverished Son

kelly ripa son "extreme poverty"
Kelly Ripa’s son, Michael (right), has to pay his own rent now, which his mom says qualifies as “extreme poverty.” | Source: lev radin/Shutterstock.com

Comedian Tom Green tweeted that maybe we should start a GoFundMe for this heir of a $120 million empire. It’s not a bad idea. After all, her son could play to one of his strengths by asking for money. Meanwhile, America could play to one of its strengths by wasting it.


A bulk of tweets focused on a recurring theme of the out-of-touch nature of this country’s  “elite.”

One Twitter user got a little lost in his feelings and just recommended that Kelly Ripa keep quiet.


Meanwhile, some Twitter users couldn’t do anything but roll their eyes.


There’s Always Public Assistance

Luckily, Michael can benefit from some of the city’s public assistance resources. Whether it’s a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, or free wifi, New York has plenty of services for those mired in extreme poverty.

As the city teeters on “financial ruin,” these services will become more important than ever. If you know the child of any millionaires, barely surviving off of the money their family sends to them on Halloween, Veterans Day, and Rockefeller’s Birthday, please don’t hesitate to tell them about their options.